Panels! Panels! Panels! More panels than you can shake a stick at and then some! Anime Central 2004 offered a huge variety of panels galore featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and industry representatives from the domestic anime kingdoms all heading healthy discussions on various exciting topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, industry follow-ups, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting all throughout the day. Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from. If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime Central 2004
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Read or Die Extravaganza!: It was one of the biggest anime series guests roundup of all time.  Fans of the Read or Die anime series got a chance to listen to comments about the show and ask a few questions of their own to the guests that included director Koji Masunari, creator Hideyuki Kurata, voice actress Chiwa Saito, character designer Taraku Uon, character designer Masashi Ishihama, composer Taku Iwasaki, production designer Noriyuki Zinguzi, and producer Tomonori Ochikoshi.

American Voice Actor Roundtable: Matt Greenfield, Chris Patton, Kelli Cousins, and Brett Weaver spoke about their voice acting experiences for ADVision.  Topics included favorite characters they've voiced so far, memorable battles (and the funny lines), hilarious anime sex scenes, voice recording details, researching character roles to put their voice into the right personality, audition processes, taking care of your voice, and much more.

Para Para Dancing for Beginners: Not too thrilled about Dance Dance Revolution?  Don't quite have the legs or spirit cut out for other kinds of video games?  Then try your hand (or hands) at Para Para!  Fans gathered together to learn the motions and practice their skills at this cool and exciting hobby for the musical video game masses.  Taking Japan by storm and now taking American by storm!

Geneon: It's the biggest industry development this year, Pioneer Entertainment is doing the name change to Geneon, but it's role is not too different as it continues to plow forward with new anime releases and bigger titles to grasp the exciting market for anime.  Geneon representative Kevin Chu was on hand to talk about the latest developments and answers questions from the audience.

Amateur Voice Acting: Matt Greenfield of ADVision led this panel to see what new talent he can inspire in the ever-growing field of voice acting.  Topics included education on interpretation and melodrama, language differences, emphasis on vocal reality, details on how dubs have gotten better over the years, and much more.
Comics: The Art of Storytelling: Fan artists gathered together to talk about their latest endeavors with discussion about story development, characters, keeping comics fun, life in the artists alley, finding resources in the artists community, learning to deal with construction criticism, and more.

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