Anime Central 2003 Masquerade brought the house down with such heightened religious momentum and enthusiasm thanks to the convention's hip-hop coordinators and organizers.  It was all about yaoi and pocky sticks and everything else in between!  Feel the love and spirit and be healed!

Anime Central 2003
Masquerade 2

 Wacky Vampire Lei-Lei from Darkstalkers tries a little standup comedian Ghostbusting

 Yo! Umi's chasing Mokona around Anime Central while Hikaru's busy in the dealers room. No, not yaoi.  Yuri!

 Clover's haunting orchestral medley about finding happiness puts the audience in awe.

 It's bizarre madness as Acen introduced an epic DDR struggle between Eine and Hello Kitty.  Shake that booty, Eine!

 It's a Thriller Night with Halloween's Jason Digi Charat and Freddy Kreuger Sailor Moon and Michael Jackson's Pocky!  You'll laugh! You'll cry! But most of all, you'll be disturbed!

 Willing to sell your soul for the ultimate fanboy wish?  The Alichino Cosplay Cuties are ready and standing by to grant you anything you want!  With some side effects...

 UCJS presented "A Lesson in Table Manners" with a hilarious Kikkoman Soy Sauce vs. Witch Robin with a blazing soundtrack of Fish Fight!

 Maison Ikkoku characters have gone mad... in Excel Saga... but not before the Will of the Universe takes over and makes things right.

 MJ^2 Lulu hosts her own talk show as Chii still wants someone just for her and Akari declares group hug and time for Pocky!

 Domo-kun rocks the house!  Domo valiantly attempts to pick up fangirls by various ways, shapes... and forms.

 Emergency!  The delicious and nutricious taste of pocky is no match for a new terror!  All your base has no chance to survive!  What is this mysterious new creature that threatens to annihilate all Final Fantasy characters!

 Coconut ZAP! presented Zellos as TV's favorite Australian Slayers Hunter on tonight's episode of world's most dangerous Slayers characters! Danger! Criky!

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