Anime Central 2003 Masquerade brought the house down with such heightened religious momentum and enthusiasm thanks to the convention's hip-hop coordinators and organizers.  It was all about yaoi and pocky sticks and everything else in between!  Feel the love and spirit and be healed!

Anime Central 2003
Masquerade 3

 3AM Company presents the Suzaku Awards Ceremony with characters from Fushigi Yugi announcing the winners for: No Da! Award, Most Beautiful Award, Almost Pretty Award, Baka Award, and Best Use of Household Item Award.

 What do you get when you mix J-Rock six-inch heels with DDR and I'm Too Sexy?  You get Malice Mizer advertising Dr. Scholl's foot soles!  Looks like a time to go shopping for new shoes.

 Wolfwood and Vash the Stampede demonstrate the most fearsome fight scene ever!  But!  Due to time constraints and budget cuts, they presented "interpretative haiku" with bottom line Hot Yaoi Action flavor.
 It's Weekend at Kakyou's as characters from X the TV series enjoy a "casual" stay with a few hotel rules: no pets, no swords, and whole lotta pocky.

 Chobits characters do a little fix-it repair job only to find a clogged connection due to a couple thousand gigabytes of pictures that needed to be transferred!

 Eccentrically weird Angel Sanctuary Parapara competition with a whole lotta whipping, slapping, smacking, and angsty satire.
 So Desu Ne Cosplay presented an impressive skit featuring all the characters from the glorious Vampire Hunter D movie performing a battle and drama reenactment with the VHD defending mankind's existence with only the Darkness of a fallen world standing in his way.

Additional Masquerade skit performance highlights included: Saving the world against evil bidders with eBay vs. SNK vs. Capcom, Reiji-san's grand plan to rule the world thwarted by crazy cosplay fangirls, Slayers characters resorting to anything - even crossplaying - for pocky goodness, Linna Inverse trying to save another bad skit with her wacky spells, Utena Student Council recruiting new potential members Street Fighters Ken and Ryu, Bean Bandit making his final stop after a great 5-year ACen attendance to walk off into the racing sunset, Inu-Yasha challenges mere mortal fangirls but he does have a weakness..., Vash the Stampede demonstrates how to be a bishounen, Lupin and the gang decide to relax on the anime con circuit, Slayers subtitling takes a new level of onstage entertainment with "The Moral is No Pants", Zeta Gundam's loony Camille Vidan educates the audience on saving the Haro-chan and "Please Think of the Genki!", more Weib Kreub insanity, proof that all anime doctors really do have lots in common, guitar entertainer gone bad with anime video game characters, No Face saves Wolfwood's day without cigarettes with pocky!, Maho Tsu Katai characters demonstrating some "Parlor Tricks", and a grand Pocky Brigade.

Judge's Choice Awards included: Best "Beep-Beep" Award to #34: 3AM Company Fushigi Yugi Group, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Street Fighter skit, #37 Vash the Stampede and Wolfwood Making Out skit, #9 Ota-Queens Freddy Krueger mixed with Sailor Moon, Best Use of Riding Whip for Eccentrically Weird Angel Sanctuary Project skit, #15 Ayane from Dead or Alive, Pokemon Pimpin' Award to that crazy Pokemon trio, #2 Rayearth girls.

Craftsmanship Awards included: Craftsmanship Novice: #36 Malice Mizer group, Best Craftsmanship:#39 Chobits group, Best of Show Overall Craftsmanship: #12 Paine from Final Fantasy X-2

Presentation Performance Awards included: Best Group Runner-Up Performance: #16 UCJS Witch Hunter Robin vs. Kikkoman, Best Group Performance: #9 Ota-Queens, Special SuperFly Award: #3 SNK vs. Capcom vs. eBay skit, Runner-Up Best Performance Solo: Vampire Standup Comedian Lei-Lei, Best Solo Performance: #20 Trigun's What is a Bishounen?

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