With a complete focus on yaoi themes and exclusive related interests, fans of this particular genre did not hold their breaths when it came to active audience participation.  The discussions roamed free and numerous questions were answered in what was a clear and determined effort to be as informative and educational as possible about an area that raises many eyebrows.

Yaoi-con 2005
Panels and Workshops

Kazuma Kodaka Manga Demonstration: Creator and artist of Kizuna Bonds of Love, Sessa Tukama, and Housekeeper, doujinshi artist Kazuma Kodaka led a busy art demo showing aspiring fan artists skills required to be able to draw bishounens in the most beautiful and elegant ways possible.

Kyo Kara Ma-oh!: An interesting tale about a boy transported to a Demon Kingdom world and then is hailed king!  But that's the just beginning as he finds he must conquer the rising tensions between his new fantasy world full of sexy bishounen warriors and his old human world.  Fans got a chance to hear more about the history, participate in a karaoke fest, and talk about the episodes.

Harry Potter: Just when you think you've seen everything Harry Potter, there's the *other* side of fandom that beckons to answer the unanswered.  Topics included direction and character development, yaoi thoughts, pure blood vs. half bloods, and speculation on Rowlings' future chapters for the HP universe and beyond.

Fanfic Contest: Yaoi fanfiction winners unite!  Winners were announced at the panel and commentary was given by seasoned fanfic veterans about style and grace, consistent story, character development, discussion on intelligent literature, attention to detail through thoughtful imagery and sense of place, and much more.

Slash and Yaoi in Academia: Of course, yaoi in the basic sense is nothing new as historical references often point to Europe where it was used for the amusement of women in literature and other devices of entertainment.  Discussion also included romances, drama, and how it was differentiated from the normal pornography that males typically enjoyed.
Higuri You Art Demonstration: A prolific doujinshi artist among the circles of yaoi fando, Higuri You is credited with creating titles such as Princess, Eyes, Bonita, Gorgeous Carat Galaxy, and Asuka, and gave an exquisite art demonstration to show aspiring fan artists how she draws as well as memories of Yaoi-con and inspirations for her stories.
Additional panels and workshops throughout the very yaoi weekend included: Advanced Digital Techniques, Alternate Pairings, Anatomy for Yaoi Artists, Basics of Writing Fan Fiction, Be Beautiful, Boys Love Seiyuu, Broccoli Books, Comics Slash, Copyright and Fan Fiction, Dark Side of CLAMP, Digital Manga Publishing, Foods Corrupted by Yaoi, Gundam Wing, History of Slash in the US, Incest, Juxtapose Fantasy, Kimono Workshop, Kingdom Hearts Yaoi, Mori Mari, Naruto, Our Resin Bishounen Dollfies, Racial Bias, Rising Stars of Yaoi, Saiyuki-Kazuya Minekura, Slash vs. Yaoi, Business of Yaoi, Weiss Kruez, What's Your Kink?, Writing Smut, Yaoi Comedy Sketch, Yaoi PC Games, and more.

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