Continuing our annual journey through space and time with a special Yaoi-con costume gallery (2003: Saiyuki's Museum of Urban Art and 2004: Samurai Champloo Invades!), this time, it's for Gilgamesh.  In the not-so-distant future, an accident at the Twin X research facility has plundered the Earth towards the brink of atmospheric destruction where no electronics can work and a new spawn of children are born with mystical psychic powers.  Gilgamesh focuses on the conflict between several members of this new race as they cope with their powers and building a new world from the ruins of the old.  Deep in science fiction and heavy drama, Gilgamesh inspired a group of five amazing cosplayers to build some of the most articulated costumes ever conceived off the pages of a manga or anime and brought them to Yaoi-con 2005 to be displayed in this glorious fashionable gallery for your eyes only.  Enjoy!

Yaoi-con 2005
Gilgamesh Gallery

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