Bishounen Auction and Cosplay Contest:  Well, what can we say.  Saturday night was a smashing success for an eye-opening couple of hours with humongous amounts of bishounen madness for the yaoi-hungry girls.  The bishounen auction gathered in the highest winning bids ever.  Main Events also consisted of yaoi anime music video contest, game shows, and much more.  Below are highlights of the big Cosplay Contest along with some select scenes from the biggest Bishounen Auction ever.

Yaoi-con 2005
Main Events

Pokemon characters go for the semi / uke who's on top musical

Filthy Gorgeous Naruto characters show off their stylish kimonos

Howl loses his wig and dies a glorious bishounen death

Kakumedia's Petshop of Horrors Dating Game!

Night in OZ Prison where bad Gundam Wing fanfics die in this hilarious musical skit

Yuki from Fruits Basket
Final Fantasy Shiny Things does it again with a whole lot of yaoi, giving them the special Yaoi on Fire award
Underdog cosplay presenting costumes from Under the Glass Moon
Yami no Matsue goes through a whole lotta touching!
Yaoi-con 2005 Cosplay Contest Awards
Best Individual Performance Award: Howl of Howl's Moving Castle
Best Individual Craftsmanship Award: Yuki from Fruits Basket
Best Group Performance Award: Night in OZ Prison from Gundam Wing
Best Group Craftsmanship Award: Filthy Gorgeous Naruto characters
Judges Choice Award: Kakumedia Petshop of Horrors Perfect Dating Match
Special "Yaoi on Fire!" Award: Final Fantasy Shiny Things

Bishounen Auction: Who could forget the visions of male grandeur for the female fans at the annual 
Yaoi-con Bishounen Auction where sexiness is plentiful and the screams are mind-numbing.  But it's all good as 
winning bids helped out Yaoi-con's future and nearly every female fan got a chance to eye a bishounen... or 10.  
Shown here are some highlights of the biggest event of the night, sure to bewilder the eyes of viewers 
around the world.  Only at Yaoi-con, people.  ONLY at Yaoi-con.

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