Every panel, event, or workshop offered something to learn from, and LLNN captured a shot of the weekend's panels with a brief description of each session.  Explorations for 2004 delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of manga, voice acting, cosplay, reminiscing about all of 2004's awesome anime con circuit thrill ride, as well as new and exciting venues to focus on for the next year.

Sugoi-con 2004
Panels and Discussions

Ichiro Itano: Credited with the term Itano Circus: the air-circus-like corkscrewing display of fighters and missile plumes that Macross made world-famous, Mr. Itano currently handles special effects for Macross Zero and talked about the future of CG animation and how he tested many effects using his motorcycle and a couple of fireworks for animation studies.

DDR Pad Modications: Want to enhance the life of your DDR pads on the cheap?  Hardware know-hows get the workshop with a demonstration on how to separate the contact layers, clamp down the sheets to a new wood platform, smoothing down the layers for glue and tape process, and then applying a new protection layer for the ultra-tough DDR workout.

FLCL: Fans of this amazing Gainax series reviewed some episodes and talked about some of the characters, gave a quick history about the series, character developments about Haruka's crush and drama, character designs and impressions from the fans.

Making AMVs: Veteran AMV creators gathered together to talk about producing a good AMV with tips and tricks including good editing software, lip-sync timing, keeping out the subtitles, and staying on budget with no showing off special digital effects.

Breaking Into Comics: Rob DeJesus and Bruce Lewis of comics fame talked about important issues that beginners must face in the real world of the comics industry including working in the artists alley, having an internet audience, making webcomics, making a portfolio, having a business-centric attitude, and making sure one sticks to their deadlines no matter how well or bad they draw.

Kazuko Tadano: Character designer and animation director Kazuko Tadano is known for bringing to life many characters from the world of  Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R television series and movie. Also credited for her work in Super Beast Machine God Dancougar, Sonic Soldier Borgman, and Wedding Peach, Kazuko Tadano also talked about drawing techniques, keeping an eye on current anime trends, and her favorite stories about going to the anime cons to see all her fans.

Doug Smith and Greg Ayres: Both talented voice artists in the industry, Doug and Greg talked about voice studio work, having a background in the arts, keeping a real job on the side, fun with the fans in the convention life, and speaking about their latest work at ADV.

Totally Lame Anime: What's worse than watching lame anime?  Actually owning them.  Seasoned veterans of the lamest of the lame anime world showed off their exquisite collection of the worst-ever: Call of the Wild, Johnny Cypher, Titanic, Johnny Destiny Space Ninja, Grandizer, Bear Attack, Attack of the Super Monsters, and much more.

All About Yaoi: Just dipping into the honey pot of yaoi fandom but not quite *there* yet?  Veterans of the yaoi battlefront educated the masses on yaoi and shounen-ai.  Topics included explaining bishounen pairings like semi, uke, and reversible type, and introducing yaoi concepts and ideas from many current anime shown today.
Japanese Artist Roundtable: Guests of Honor from Japan talked about their education and accomplishments and answered questions for the fans.  Topics covered inspirations from current trends and animation techniques and anime visions, humorously inspiring real world developments like missiles and Sailor Moon fandom, and talking about favorite convention memories.

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