Voice actors, webcomics, voice directors, and lost of artists in between, Guests of Honor came from near and far to show their very Sugoi Kentucky spirit!  With Guest panels and autograph sessions, it was hard not to run into your favorite guest and chat up the night away!

Sugoi-con 2004
Guests of Honor

Plenty of Guests attended this year's Fifth Anniversary of Sugoi-con spirit, all coming from local states and from as far as Japan!  This year's roster included: director Ichiro Itano, character designer and animation director Kazuko Tadano, screenwriter and director Akira Toriyama, screenwriter Takao Koyama, voice actor Doug Smith, voice actor Greg Ayres, industry insider Jan Scott-Frazier, artist duo Robert and Emily Dejesus of Studio Capsule, Dave Merrill of Anime Hell, professional artist Bruce Lewis, and artist Dan Hess of Venis Productions.

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