Another long year comes to a close with the biggest anime conventions saying farewell to 2004 and preparing for another blockbuster future with more and more enthusiasm and support from the anime industry and fans from all ends of the spectrum.  Sugoi Con is no stranger to this as it has climbed in the ranks since the year 2000 in strengthening its dedicated fan base, staying true to its anime fan roots, and providing more dealers, workshops, activities, and other attractions for the fans.

Sugoi-con 2004
Main Events 1

Name That Anime Tune: Think you got what it takes to be the Anime Overlord?  Contestants vied for anime supremacy as they dealt with music trivia from numerous anime shows including: FLCL, Escaflowne, Akira, Azumanga Daioh, Fist of the North Star, Perfect Blue, Lain, Sailor Moon, Wolf's Rain, YuGiOh, Gravitation, Red Riding Hood Chacha, and much more.

The Weakest Anime Link: Test your anime trivia and see if you can become The Otaking!  Trivia highlights included subject matter from MD Geist, Fushigi Yugi, Ronin Warriors, Pokemon, Ah My Goddess, Noir, El Hazard, Inuyasha, Marios Bros., Gundam Wing, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Alchemist, and much more.

Additional Events: Just when you thought your membership found you scouring the Dealers Room in search for your coveted anime item of the week, you found you even had access to even more convention essentials to enjoy all weekend!  Events held throughout the day and night included Anime Hell with a presentation of fake commercials, educational films, trailers, failed pilots, amateur movies, news reports, and other assorted bits of audio/visual strangeness, Midnight Madness with selected anime favorites from the seasoned anime veterans who know the best anime, Karaoke Contests for the talented songstresses and future rockstars, and the cool SWEK Concert with anime music on the tap in full rock band form for the Midwestern fans.

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