Every panel, event, or workshop offered something to learn from, and LLNN captured a shot of the weekend's panels with a brief description of each session.  Explorations for 2003 delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of manga, voice acting, cosplay, reminiscing about all of 2003's awesome anime con circuit, as well as new and exciting venues to focus on for the next year.

SugoiCon 2003
Panels and Discussions 1

J-Rock: J-Rock is all the rage these days, and panelists were on hand to discuss the reasons why.  Featured topics included visual stage gestures, theatrical elements, the huge female fanbase, J-Rock timeline, lolita complexes, and much more involving groups such as Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, Duel Jewel, and X-Japan.

Fan-Made Animation: Panelists heavily involved in the realm of computer graphics and design animation gave a thorough presentation on the fan-based aspects of home-made animation.  Topics included use of proper video and audio codecs, popular software, styles of animation, learning to pace yourself and animate in chunks, and much more with video examples.

Rebecca Forstadt: An accomplished actress with a long history of voice projects such as Robotech, Metropolis, and Totoro, Rebecca Forstadt gave a summary of her past voices, future projects, vast experience in voice directing, script writing, dialogue coaching, and much more.
Voice Actors Q&A: Accomplished voice actors Taliesin Jaffe, Doug Smith, Rebecca Forstadt, and Monica Rial led the packed discussion on the big busy-ness of the voice acting world.  Topics included talent backgrounds, studio work, anime interests, improv experience, and favorite characters they've voiced.

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