Voice actors, webcomics, voice directors, and lost of artists in between, Guests of Honor came from near and far to show their very Sugoi Kentucky spirit!  With Guest panels and autograph sessions, it was hard not to run into your favorite guest and chat up the night away!

SugoiCon 2003
Guests of Honor

Plenty of Guests of Honor for Sugoi Con 2003 included Robert and Emily Dejesus (Studio Capsule), Monica Rial (voice actress), Rebecca Forstadt (voice actress), Doug Smith (Studio IronCat), Niel Nadelman (translator), Greg Dean (webcomic artist for Real Life), Bruce Lewis (comic artist), Dave Merrill (Corn Pone Flicks and Cheap Disposable Entertainment), Taliesin Jaffe (voice actor and voice trainer), Dan Hess (webcomic Venis Productions), and Mac Hall (web comic duo Matt and Ian).

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