Another long year comes to a close with the biggest anime conventions saying farewell to 2003 and preparing for another blockbuster future with more and more enthusiasm and support from the anime industry and fans from all ends of the spectrum.  Sugoi Con is no stranger to this as it has climbed in the ranks since the year 2000 in strengthening its dedicated fan base, staying true to its anime fan roots, and providing more dealers, workshops, activities, and other attractions for the fans.

SugoiCon 2003
Main Events

Anime Hell: Never a disappointment and always a packed audience, Anime Hell and host Dave Merrill returned to the great Kentucky anime audience with all the best clips of anime gone bad, tips for stinky fanboys, and plenty of TV oddities that's sure to guarantee your con fee's worth.

Game Shows: The Great Gaver-san once again hosted The Otaku's Wild with trivia questions from all sorts of anime leading the quizzical fans on a journey through time as contestants battled their brains for some cool prizes up until the final showdown of the year.

Cosplay Contest and Karaoke: As the cosplay contest took place, numerous fans enjoyed 
their night in the main hall doing what they do best: karaoke!  Songs included whatever anyone could find 
in the large stacks of CDs and MP3s, including anime, J-Rock, and much more.  
Following are the results of the SugoiCon 2003 Cosplay Contest:

Best Group: Princess Tutu
2nd Place Best Group: Naruto
Best Solo: Milly from Trigun
2nd Best Solo: Miwako from Paradise Kiss
Most Dangerous: Caine the Longshot from Trigun
Most Kawaii: Eine from Cowboy Bebop
Most Original: Urusei Yatsura group
Honorable Mention: Cyberdoll Kei from Hand Maid May
Honorable Mention: Lady Lucrezia from Cantarella

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