Japanese and American Guests of Honor for Sugoi Con 2002 included Senno Knife (manga artist), Nekoi Rutoto (manga artist, Psydoll singer), Robert Dejesus (Studio Capsule), Steve Bennett (Studio IronCat), Rebecca Forstadt (voice actress), Doug Smith (Studio IronCat), and Kei Blue (Studio IronCat and Sugoi-Con mascot).

Sugoi Con 2002
Guests of Honor

Senno Knife and Nekoi Rutoto enjoying the cosplayer creations while strolling the halls in between panels.
Doug Smith and Neil Nadelman at Ceremonies talking about their long-time SugoiCon experience.

Rebecca Forstadt happy to speak directly to all the fans at Ceremonies.
Nekoi Rutoto shows her Sugoi spirit at Ceremonies as the con celebrates a new home for 2003.

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