Another long year comes to a close with the biggest anime conventions saying farewell to 2002 and preparing for another blockbuster future with more and more enthusiasm and support from the anime industry and fans from all ends of the spectrum.  Sugoi Con is no stranger to this as it has climbed in the ranks since the year 2000 in strengthening its dedicated fan base, staying true to its anime fan roots, and providing more dealers, workshops, activities, and other attractions for the fans.

Sugoi Con 2002
Events and Activities

Main Events: The schedule was definitely filled as guests from Japan and the US came to make sure this year's Sugoi Con was the best one yet!  Main events included the Friday night SWEK Live Concert, Anime Hell, Midnite Madness, and a whole lotta karaoke!
Game Shows: Trivia questions from all sorts of anime led the quizzical fans on a journey through time as contestants battled their brains for some cool prizes up until the final showdown for who can answer the Super Hyper Mega-Bloody Ultra-Cosmo Death Extravaganza Questionnaire.

Cosplay Contest and Karaoke: As the cosplay contest took place, numerous fans enjoyed their night in the main plaza doing what they do best: karaoke!  Songs included whatever anyone could find in the large stacks of CDs and MP3s, including anime, J-Rock, and much more.  Following are the results of the Sugoi Con 2002 Cosplay Contest:
Most Original: #33 Azaka, Aeka, Sasami from Tenchi Muyou!
Most Kawaii: #25 Shippo from Inuyasha
Most Impressive: #2 Treize from Gundam Wing
2nd Place Group: #60 characters from Final Fantasy Group
1st Place Group: #8 characters from Vandread
2nd Place Individual: #54 Flute from Violinist of Hamlyn
1st Place Individual: #56 Evil Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi

Closing Ceremonies: Guests of Honor, long-time fans, and Sugoi Con organizers held glasses up high as they celebrated a new life for Sugoi Con 2003 and a new home!  With over 900 fans attending and the entire hotel booked for 2002, the obvious choice was to move to a much larger hotel and convention center to accommodate the growing Sugoi Con fanbase.  Next year's place is still being decided at this time of writing, and rest assured LLNN will be there to see through their success now and into the future!

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