From building your own costume to drawing manga, everyone starts out by learning the basics, making mistakes, and building skills to become instructors or leaders that others look up to for advice.  The workshops were certainly the best place to be able to learn from the best of the best on the American front as the consistently packed rooms can prove.

Sugoi Con 2001
Workshops 1

 Costuming Workshop: Using Hot Glue and Advanced Tricks of the Trade: Bob and Dave of the Big Fire cosplay group detailed their tricks of the cosplay trade with examples of their foam works on head mounts and body castings, applications of hot glue to assemble parts and create protruding folds where needed, lessons on design and creation of large bodysuits like the Godzilla and Moogle, and the fine art of cutting and trimming foam pieces to into shapes similar to trimming leafy hedges.
 Model Building Workshop: Model masters Robert Cobb and Kevin O'Connell showed the audience steps on building a quality model kit, from the average polystyrene to more advanced resin kits.  Workshop members participated in a self-paced model-building seminar as well as seeing some fine examples of expert figurine handiworks like those shown above and below from Card Captor Sakura, Daicon, Gasaraki, and Love Hina.
 Manga Art Basics with Doug Smith: It's not just about character designs, it's also about good use of lines and arrangement of shapes and forms inside the planned use of page space.  Doug Smith held this workshop for artistic members yearning for a more advanced grasp of the manga environment to lend more help to those who want to develop their layout and line skills for fan manga art.

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