Another long year comes to a close with the biggest anime conventions saying farewell to 2001 and preparing for 2002's blockbuster future with more and more enthusiasm and support from the anime industry and fans from all ends of the spectrum.  Sugoi Con is no stranger to this as it has climbed in the ranks since the year 2000 in strengthening its dedicated fan base, staying true to its anime fan roots, and providing more vendors, workshops, anime shows, and other attractions for the fans.

Sugoi Con 2001
Miscellaneous Convention Activities

 A Sugoi Registration!Attendance numbers topped off at 600+, a nice jump from last year's 500+, and that's a welcome sign that fans are indeed willing to stretch that anime convention spirit as far as they can.
 Sugoi SpiritYou can still buy those cool variety of T-Shirts at Sugoi Con's site set up just for merchandise.  So much spirit was riled up for Sugoi, numerous celebrity artists have donated many image pieces for Sugoi-chan: Robert DeJesus (above), Steve Bennett, Lionel Lum, and many more!  Probably the single most recognized anime convention poster girl yet.
 The Role Playing Universe is still aliveTake a trip out to Lodoss and spend some time with the fairies and elves... Or imagine yourself in a Gundam mecha world.  A room for the RPG fans was kept alive all day and night.
 You say Keiri-oki, I say Kahrah-okayHowever you pronounce Karaoke, everyone knew where to go and swing and sing the night away with a bunch of friends.  Or make new ones with either a warm anime medley or J-rock song.
 Memories of Kentucky flavorFor those really into scenery for their cosplay photos, this year's hotel still ranks as one of the best LLNN has ever been in to get some great shots.
 Old TownQuaint and latching onto the nostalgic theme of yesteryears, Sugoi Con had the warm and cozy atmosphere many had been looking forward to after a hot and very busy summer.
 Early Breakfast BuffetGood cheap food!  Enough said!
 Fan Spirit is Alive and WellEverywhere you looked, fans gathered in groups, sharing good times, singing karaoke, acting goofy... signs of the fan spirit that won't die away anytime soon and hopefully never will.  Onward to 2002!

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