The Sugoi Con 2001 Cosplay Winner's Circle!  And here are the official numbers (we apologize if not all the titles were written down  ^_^;;;):  Best Solo: #55 San Mononoke, Second Place Solo: #36 Dota, Best Group: #23 Jet Grind Radio, Second Place Group: #47 Aisha Clan-Clan, Trowa, and Nuriko, Most Kawaii: #18 Rabien Rose, Most Original: #40 Animal Magnetism's Pochi and Milk, Most Dangerous Looking: #51 Vash, Milly, and Merrill, New Most Original: #34, and New Beginners: #41

Sugoi Con 2001
Cosplay Contest Night

Surrounded by good friends, good food, great costumes, warm atmosphere, and lots of karaoke action, this year's Sugoi Cosplay Contest night was nothing to snooze at as numerous fans joined in the celebration.

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