Top-rated anime convention report sites LLNN and FansView have both been doing the con circuit for 4 years, always expanding, always learning, always talking about cars and trucks and NASCAR, always chatting with the fans and staff, and now we proceed to enter our fifth year!  Is there really a Linus Lam?  Who cares!  Most go with the LLNN title or and from now on that's pretty much what we'll stick to.  To all who helped LLNN become a huge success from the ground up, thank you!

Sugoi Con 2001
Alien Sightings

 Buddies on the frontlinesKevin Lillard, of FansView fame and fortitude, doing what he does best and providing the hungry con goers and non-goers what they want: solid and broad convention news and photo coverage for the Internet that is quick and updated to the best of Kevin's human abilities.  LLNN salutes Kevin for success in 2002!  Onward!
 Steve Bennett's Long Lost Brother?Referring to the Godzilla mask with Civil War-style officer's cap, it bears a striking resemblance to... the almighty Steve Bennett?  Last seen in the Costuming Workshop, it may pop up again at any time!
 Ain't nuthin' like LonghornBest known for the decorations of animals and plants and everything under the sun outfitted with... HORNS, this place was again visited for another good night of steaks and prime ribs a'plenty for LLNN and Sugoi Con staff and friends OldCrow and Akane (Chicago Unit) and Gubaba (Ohio Unit).
Slab of Prime Rib, Kentucky Style!Meat and potatoes, the good stuff and much more.  No Love Hina cuties to keep LLNN company this time, but plenty of Sugoi Con friends and staff to help celebrate another great year of grabbing life by the horns!  Just don't grab too hard, or you'd end up with something like Sugoi-chan!
 Got Yaoi?Yes, even way off in Kentucky, bishounen fandom can be found spreading the yaoi faith and and is flourishing with the spirit of Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yugi, and much more!
 Artists Alley includes the Musically InclinedIn a nice warm hotel during the cold season of November, these fans of Sugoi Con 2001 preserved the cozy and intimate atmosphere with pleasant hall instrumentals.

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