Comic-Con International held a packed weekend full of panels and discussions for the attendees, featuring Hollywood celebrities, comic guests, noted fans, and lots more.  LLNN was able to capture just a tad of the Saturday's and Sunday's event log, but don't let that stop you from coming to CCI and seeing all the rest across 4 big days!

Comic-Con International 2005
Panels and Workshops

Marvel Universe: It's the season for more of the best of what makes Marvel tick.  From superheroes to supervillians, artists gathered together to talk about their latest endeavors into the worlds of She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, New Thunderbolts, New Warriors, New Avengers, House of M, X-Factor, Moon Knight, and much more.  Big Marvel fan?  Then you know this was the place to be!

Cartoon Voices: Growing up as a kid in front of the tube every Saturday morning is always a lasting memory for those who attended this session.  Popular voices like Charlie Adler (Cow and Chicken), E. G. Daily (Powerpuff Girls), Bob Bergen (Porky Pig), and many more voice actors joined together to amaze the crowd with their ongoing stage antics and impressive array of voice talent history.

Superheroes and Philosophy: Even superheroes can be portrayed as human or at least desiring to be human.  Classic fables of lonely heroes clinging to pursuits of love and wisdom still ring true for many comic artists and fans alike.  Topics also covered comics vs. Hollywood, character development, struggles and sacrifices, and good use of backgrounds for an engaging plot.

Art of the Sketchbook: Marshall Vandruff gave a detailed presentation and workshop on how to keep a good regimen on sketchbooks.  Constant practice keeps the brain alive and fully developed when pondering new subjects to draw or just conjuring up new characters for a comic.  Marshall also displayed his own exhibition entitled "Forsaking the Bakery" to show how the mind works on composing final images for publication.

State of the Animation Industry: Digital animation is at the forefront of the industry to save costs and labor.  Yet the excitement from the fans still brings in many gems through toy fairs, TV series, movies, and general merchandise marketing.  New products have seen the light through animation including Barbie, Bionicle, GI Joe, and others.  Topics also covered layouts, in-betweeners, character designers, animation producers, and more use of CG animators.

Professional and Fan Comics Trivia Challenge: The Purple Pros: Len Wein (Swamp Thing) and Mark Waid (Legion of the Super Heroes) vs. the Black Ink Irregulars fan team: Tom Galloway, davic Oaks, John Sardegna, and Hal Shipman dueled to the max in this engaging fight to the finish in a supervillians-theme trivia to determine who're the champions of the comic knowledgeables!

Webcomics: Think you got what it takes to be a valued webcomicker and actually make money?  Fellow comickers gathered together to talk about their endeavors that have seen the light of popularity and have yet to even make any profit at all.  Topics also covered copyrights, chcracters, story development, difficulties with webspace and bandwidth costs, fan clubs and webcomics communities, and much more.
Mars: The Future isn't what it used to be: As always, visions of Mars and distant planets are typically versions imagined by Hollywood in a 2-hour or less show for the mass audience.  Examples of these varying visions of Mars included Total Recall, Armitage, Mission to Mars, Red Planet, Stranded, Cowboy Bebop, Destination Mars, War of the Worlds, and much more.

Plenty of panels and workshops available throughout the busy 4-day comics and cinema weekend bonanza included: Resin Casting and RTV Mold-making, Coloring Comics, Animation on a Shoestring Budget, Self-Publishing, Comic Book Law School 101, Professional Networking, Costume Design, DVD Producers, Golden and Silver Age Comics, Comic Book Weblogs, Broccoli Books, Action Figure Times, Tokyopop Making Manga, Bringing Back Comics for Kids, Fanboy Radio, Portrait Painting in Digital and Traditional, Cartoon Network Adult Swim, History of Animation, Masters of Horror, Bongo Comics, Life Drawing Demonstration, Polyfoam Workshop, IDW Publishing, National Cartoonists Society, Science and Storytelling, Horror Comics, 20 Years of Robotech, Slave Labor Graphics, Art of Voice Acting, Collecting Comic Art, Secret Origin of Good Readers, Teaching Comics to City Kids, Lost in Translation, Christian Comics, Guardian Comics, and a whole ton more!

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