Main Events were all the rage this year with Hollywood celebrities pitching their latest works and upcoming films from independent producers as well as big-budget Hollywood production companies.  Like a red carpet rollout for the comics and movie industry, celebs to look out for included Bruce Campbell, The Rock, Natalie Portman, Richard Hatch, Kevin Smith, Charlize Theron, and Stan Lee.  Independent Film Festival showing the latest works inspired by this year's theme: A Night of Horror and Suspense, Jim Henson & Company's 50th Anniversary, Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards, ABC on Lost, Invasion, and Nightstalker, Sci-fi on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Family Guy DVD movie, The Simpsons, The Devil's Rejects presenting the Masquerade, Threshold, The 4400, and a whole lot more.  As for costuming recreations, highlights of the big Comic-con International Masquerade are shown below!

Comic-Con International 2005
Main Events

Wondergirl opens up the evening Princess Zelda from Legend of Zelda

Spawn, Green Arrow, and Captain America
At the Codfish Ball with Shirley Temple and her pet codfish! Operator 7-G's Garland Mecha from Megazone 23

Queen Amidala from Star Wars
HCC's Rose of Versailles Golden Age Wonder Woman

Planet of the Apes have invaded Earth!
What Legends are Made Of Orc of Mordor from Lord of the Rings

Tomb Raider vs. Nightcrawler
Elytra the fantastic Beetle Lady That Don't Impress Me Much: Buck Rogers just doesn't get it!

General Grievous from Star Wars
Agatha and Zog are blinded by science! Aeon Flux Batman in his Sonar Stealth uniform

Pikachu, I Choose Thee! Tatooine Twi'leks from Star Wars Vampire Hunter D from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Fire and Ice Covenant Elite from Halo

Enter the Street Fighter
Klingon Wedding from the Star Trek TV series Deep Space Nine

Ashe from Final Fantasy 12 Disney Princesses and Princes show off their Disney spirit!
Edward Scissorhands shows his CCI spirit!

Padme Amidala Skywalker Battle Armor Brooklyn from Gargoyles
Cuddles the Cuttlefish Sarah from Final Fantasy 3 Firefly heroes grace the stage with Serenity song and dance

The Snow Queen Representatives from the Hammer Empire invade, but not without Dangergirl!

Oogie Boogie and Sally from Nightmare Before Xmas
Night Blooming Flower Van Helsing at the Vampire Ball

Nessus the Pierson's Puppeteer
Wonder Woman in her homeland Suigin Tou by Pegasus Maiden

Inuyasha and Seshomaru from Inuyasha
Doc Octopus from Spiderman 2 Lucifer's Demon The one and only U.S. Soldier, Captain America

Tranformers Binaltech Smokescreen Alien: No one can hear you scream in space! Jack and Zero from Nightmare before XMas
Comic-con International 2005 Masquerade Awards
Best in Show Award:
Jack and Zero from Nightmare before Xmas
Judges Choice Award:
Van Helsing at the Vampires Ball
Most Humorous Award:
Disney Princesses and Princes
Best Workmanship Award:
Orc of Mordor
Best Presentation Award:
Tomb Raider vs. Nightcrawler
Most Beautiful Award:
HCC Rose of Versailles
Most Imaginative Award:
Lucifer's Demon
Best Young Fan Award:
Captain America, Spawn, and Green Arrow
Honorable Mention Award for Unique Presentation and Puppeteering:
Covenant Elite
Honorable Mention Award for Workmanship:
Honorable Mention Award for Creative Execution:
Edward Scissorhands
Honorable Mention Award from Anime Pavilion:
Tomb Raider vs. Nightcrawler, HCC Rose of Versailles, and young fans Captain America, Spawn, and Green Arrow
Honorable Mention Award from Arcana Studios:
Doctor Octopus from Spiderman 2
Honorable Mention Award from Century Guild:
Honorable Mention Award from The Comic Gallery Stores:
Tomb Raider vs. Nightcrawler and young fan Wondergirl
Honorable Mention Award from Committed Comics:
young fans Wondergirl and Captain America, Spawn, and Green Arrow
Honorable Mention Award from ConDor and Conjecture:
Orc of Mordor
Honorable Mention Award from DC Comics:
Golden Age Wonder Woman
Honorable Mention Award from Darkest Desires:
Jack and Zero from Nightmare before XMas
Honorable Mention Award from Dark Horse Comics:
Honorable Mention Award from The Heinlein Society Ibexa Press:
Covenant Elite
Honorable Mention Award from Lucasfilm Ltd.:
General Grievous from Star Wars
Honorable Mention Award from PRA International:
Vampire Hunter D
Honorable Mention Award from San Deigo FX Studios:
Orc of Mordor
Honorable Mention Award from The Stevenson Entertainment Group:
Disney Princesses and Princes
Honorable Mention Award from The Testmarket Evolution:
Vampire Hunter D and Covenant Elite

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