Comic-Con International held a packed weekend full of panels and discussions for the attendees, featuring Hollywood celebrities, comic guests, noted fans, and lots more.  LLNN was able to capture just a tad of the Saturday's and Sunday's event log, but don't let that stop you from coming to CCI and seeing all the rest across 4 big days!

Comic-Con International 2004
Panels and Discussions 1

Panels and Discussions: From movies and television productions, panelists from all over the entertainment industry provided insight and answered questions about the latest and greatest happenings for the audiences.  Following is just a highlight of the big Comic-Con 2004 weekend of panels: Gaming Design Workshop, Comic Book Law School 101, Resin Casting and Moldmaking, DVD Producers, Graveyard Filmworks, Toy Fare Magazine, Sergio and Mark Show, Dark Horse Manga, Spotlight on Bill Plympton, Golden Age and Silver Age of Comics, Voice Acting Workshops, Stop-Motion Through the Ages, From Sketch to Sale, Cartoon Network Studios, Collecting Comic Art, SF/Fantasy Artists, Tribute to Jack Kirby, Bongo Comics, Inkwell, Hasbro and Star Wars, Spiritual Themes in Comics, 50 Years of Gigantor, McFarlane Toys, Cartoon Voices, Comic Book Trivia, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, Teaching Comics, Central Park Media, Gays in Comics, Polyfoam Workshop, Christian Comics, Graphic Novels in Libraries, Trilogies!, Comics into Video Games, and much more.

Reality Stars Unleashed: With the surge in popularity of reality TV, stars from the series came forth to talk about DVD releases of archived shows, how TV has affected their careers, direction of character progression, perusing the chats and forums for their fans, and promoting to preview the latest offerings of reality-based shows.

Transformers Dreamwave: With the success of Beast Wars, panelists discussed more possible crossovers, series of online books, and gauged audience feedback on the latest Beast Machines and summer specials format with smaller independent stories.

Comics: The New Mainstream: Independent comics artists are reaching out to the non-traditional markets for approval on their latest offerings of graphic novels.  Topics included raising the visibility of smaller artists who've made it big with popular graphic novels, examples like Elfquest, Crime Comics, Queen and Country, and Sin City.

Subcultures Toy Revolution: Creators from around the world gathered to talk about their latest production models from toy collectors comics, video games, and more.  Topics included the creative side of toy design, plushies, handmade items, concept to story that sells the toys, and much more.

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