Comic-Con International held a packed weekend full of panels and discussions for the attendees, featuring Hollywood celebrities, comic guests, noted fans, and lots more.  LLNN was able to capture just a tad of the Saturday's and Sunday's event log, but don't let that stop you from coming to CCI and seeing all the rest across 4 big days!

International 2003

Panels and Discussions 1

Image Comics: Independent comics artists came together to talk about growing issues in the burgeoning small comics industry.  Topics featured rounds of new and upcoming artists, publishers, freedom of artistic rights left to the artists, and more freedom of expression aside from the larger corporate standards.

Superman on the Couch: How can a comics Joe strive to fix the world?  Hopefully through good comics research, most of us can be inspired to help out.  Topics featured discussion on morals and ethics, cleaning up the environment, repercussions of heroic actions, and responsible uses of special superhuman gifts.

Digital Painting vs. Traditional Painting: Always a popular topic to discuss as there are two sides to every big debate on computers vs. humans.  Topics featured a more constructive stance of computer-aided tools to enhance human abilities such as photoshop touch-up tips and tricks, advanced coloring techniques, customized palettes, using layers, mouse vs. tablets, and much more.

Cartoon Voices: Some of the best of the best cartoon voices graces the stage at this amazing panels as voices from Roger Rabbit, Animaniacs, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and The Tick came to life.  Topics also featured hilarious Hollywood celebrity voice impressions, voice auditions, Disney theme park contracts to do voices for amusement park rides, and voices for various TV commercials.

Original Comic Art Collectors: Veteran comics collectors got together to speak about their professional and personal involvement in the comics industry with big names and lots of interest in the collectors market.  Topics featured discussions on the Golden Age, Silver Age, and independent publishers, getting noticed in the Artists Alley, dealing with dealers, using the Internet for online research and new sources for buying power, and joining more collectors communities.
Robot Rumble: One of the most exciting panels this year featured celebrity robots duking it out with assistance from a judges panels and the audience.  Basically the name of the game is to have robots battle it out on various features such as strongest, most annoying, ultimate design, and who would be most likely to join the scrap heap.  Featured robots included The Terminator, Small Wonder, Scilons, Robby the Robot, and much more!

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