Several big gaming rooms were setup throughout the San Diego Convention Center's east hall and some of the surrounding hotels to accommodate the huge audience of gaming wizards and hot players throughout the country.  Game tournaments were held throughout the weekend and included mostly TableTop RPGs and card sessions.

International 2003

Gaming Rooms

Comic-Con 2003 Gaming Schedule at the San Diego Convention Center consisted of: Evil Steve Must Die!, WWE Raw Deal 
Hardcore, Z Cardz the GAME Head to Head, Heroclix/Mageknight, LEGO Frag Deadlands, Lord of the Rings Multiplayer 
Const., Dragon Ball Z "Gokuís Farewell", Sui Juris Emancipation, RPG/Card, Frag FPS without the computer!!!, Buffy 
the Vampire Slayer, Talislanta 4th Ed., LotR "Premier Series Qualifier", Star Trek 2nd Ed. Constructed Deck, Hell 
Boy "London Calling", Circus Imperium, LotR "Premier Series, Day 1", Hell Boy "London Calling", Dragon Ball Z "Tuff 
Enuff", Buffy "Hero/Villain of the Week", Star Trek 2nd Ed. Team Tournament, LotR Tower Draft, Sui Juris 
Emancipation, WWE Raw Deal "Smackdown!", Circus Imperium, Vampire: The Masquerade, Chez Grunt, LotR "Premier 
Series, Day 2", Dragon Ball Z Grand Kai Qualifier, Buffy: Vampire Slayer "Grand Patrol", Blood Bowl "Fantasy 
Football", Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist King Tournament, WWE Raw Deal "Undercard", LotR Team Tournament, Star Trek 2nd Ed. 
Maiden Voyage, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Sui Juris Emancipation, Hell Boy "Voice in the Wilderness", WWE Raw Deal 
"Main Event!", Dragon Ball Z Super T Tournament, Star Munchkin, Hell Boy "Echoes of the Past", Buffy Sealed Deck 
Tournament, LotR Tower Draft, Star Trek 2nd Ed. Sealed Deck, LotR Constructed, and Sui Juris Emancipation.

Open RPG and LARP Gaming at the Hyatt Hotel consisted of: Living Greyhawk: Face Value, Sepulcher of the Wizard King, Business is 
Business, Thereís a Bug in My Spell, Returned Mail, If It Isnít One Thing, Silence of the Gnomes, A Trip to the 
Barren Keep, Revenant of Rel Mord, Living Dragonstar: Port Anka, Living Kingdoms of Kalamar: Mini-Mods and 
Character Creation, Wedding Bells, Living Death: Flowers in the Sand and Medicine Doll, Classic: Itís a Half-Orc 
Life, Face Value, If It Isnít One Thing..., Revenant of Rel Mord, Mini-Mods and Character Creation, Business is 
Business, Itís Another, Port Anka, A Trip to the Barren Keep, Revenant of Rel Mord, Black Glass, May the Best Man 
Win, Sepulcher of the Wizard King, Medicine Doll, Monkey Business, Returned Mail, Last Bastion, Flowers in the 
Sand, Mini-Mods and Character Creation, Burial Mounds, Gnome Way Out, Black Glass, Star Point, The Rub, So Shall Ye 
Reap, Songs that Stir the Darkest Heart, Temptations of the Flesh, I Know Thee, Brother, Temptations of the Flesh, 
The Children of Leviathan, The Seeds of Our Destruction, Senatorís Seal, Drinking Deeply Chalice of Midnight, All 
That Glitters, To Reap The Whirlwind, Cast Upon the Tides of Weal and Woe, Assault Upon the Gate of Tears, Hand of 
the Master, Assault Upon the Gate of Tears, Double Dueling, As Gray and Cold as Stone, The Secret of Semar, Grains 
of Sand, Unpaid Debts, Hidden Greed, Crack in the Dome of Night, Bargains of Flesh and Spirit, On the Red March, 
Magic Shoppe Activity Center, Battle Interactive, and Serpentine Path.

Card Tournaments held throughout the weekend included: Noon Magic: the Gathering Extended Tournament, Noon Pokemon 
Modified Constructed Tournament, Magic: the Gathering, Booster Draft Tournament, Star Wars TCG, Constructed 
Tournament, Pokemon, Team Multiplay Sealed Tournament, Pokemon, San Diego Fan Appreciation Tournament, Magic: the 
Gathering, Type 1.5 Tournament, Magic: the Gathering, Standard Tournament, and Pokemon, Theme Deck Challenge.

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