Recca-con 2004 had a nicely packed weekend full panels and discussions to get involved with, many of them dealing with cosplay, anime resources, and building new groups of friends who are into the Japanese culture.  Following are a couple of the panels LLNN managed to capture highlights of during the weekend.

Recca-con 2004
Panels and Discussion

Costume Construction and Tips: Christy, Ashley, and friends had plenty to discuss with the dedicated cosplay fans.  Topics involved constructing large foam heads, working with large props, building for comfort and ease of transport, using boot covers, and using all sorts of wires, fabrics, and techniques to build pretty much anything you can think of!

Gothic Lolitas: Judy of Stitchin' Babes and gal pal AJ Meow were on hand to discuss the construction and exploding fandom over the elegant gothic lolita craze in the cosplay community.  Topics involved Victorian history, embellishing for style and flare, being extra picky on the bows and pleats, playing with all kinds of wigs, dress styles, and petticoats, and adding accessories like purses, hats, and gloves.

Cosplay Around the World: Liz, Maiyu, and Zhin from Singapore showed local fans all about the cosplay world celebrated in Singapore and other asian cities.  Through video showings taped at various mini-conventions, fans got to see glimpses into how the overseas fans do their cosplay shows, parade the best hall cosplays, and generally have fun!

Basic Art with Christy: Artist veteran Christy was on hand to show and tell about how to evolve from an aspiring talent to seasoned artist.  With portfolio in hand, she discussed ways to learn and improve drawing techniques for eyes, hands, body, shapes, and applying extra things like highlights, coloring, and advanced shaping for real character design.

Real Life Comics: WebComic guests Greg Dean and 
Liz van Buskirk led a big discussion on the ongoing
story with Real Life Comics.  Topics involved the basic
storyline, characters, idea process, and how they like to
portray real life to comic form.

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