The Main Events hall was located just across from the dealers room and well within arms reach of plenty of refreshment stands outside.  Events scheduled for the weekend included lots of fan karaoke, a concert by Maiyu, and the big evening cosplay contest.

Recca-con 2004
Main Events

Karaoke: Sing your heart out!  With lots of opportunity for open-mic, fans got plenty of airtime to hang out, chill, and eventually get up on stage to sing their favorite anime tunes for their family and friends or even just get the whole group up on stage!

Concert: Guest Maiyu hailed from Singapore to give a great singing performance for the musically inclined.  Singing fan favorites from all kinds of anime and J-Rock goodness, her presence was certainly welcome in the springtime weekend relaxation.

Cosplay Contest: Cosplay entries for this year included: Gomu Gomu no Cosplay's Naruto action figures, Chrono Cross, Super Mario Siblings, Saiyuki group with Return of I Can't Believe It's Not Better, PikminLink's Marth from Super Smash Brothers, Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura, Kagome from Inuyasha, Gun Mage Rikku from FFX-2, Lupin and Zenigata from Lupin the Third, Anakin Skywalker, Final Fantasy Shiny Things, Last Exile, .hack, Get Backers, Yuna and Lulu from FFX, Sephiroth from FF7, Karaoke Revolution, and Rikku and Tifa from FFX/FF7.

Recca-con 2004 Cosplay Contest Awards
Judges Award "Best Jewelry": Saiyuki group with Return of I Can't Believe It's Not Better
Judges Award: Last Exile character
Judges Award: Final Fantasy Shiny Things
Judges Award "New Seamstress": Kagome from Inuyasha
Judges Award: Tifa from FF7
Judges Award "High Energy": Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura
Third Place Award: Karaoke Revolution
Second Place Award: Gun Mage Rikku from FFX-2
First Place Award: PikminLink's Marth from Super Smash Brothers

Congratulations to all the winners and participating entries!
Let's see some of the winners!

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