Para-con came with a bevy of anime events and screenings to watch in between all those exciting thrill rides.  Guests featured this year included Shane Callahan (Blue Submarine No. 6, Elf Princess Rain), Keith Burgess (Street Fighter Alpha, Manga Entertainment representative), Carl Horn (Editor of Neon Genesis Evangelion-Viz, LLC), and Invisible Skratch Pickelz (Wave Twisters, Thud Rumble, Mixxteriuos).

Para-con 2003

Anime Screenings: Held in the Pictorium Theater and the Paramount Theater, valid passes for Para-con let anime enthusiasts in on a full day of screenings including Risky Safety, BoogiePop Phantom, YuGiOh, KO Beast Century, Wave Twisters, Kikaider, Last Exile, Angelic Layer, and Heat Guy J.

Dealers and Sponsors: Elsewhere throughout the park, Para-con hosted numerous booths with anime vendors and sponsors advertising their wares and distributing information about upcoming events around the Bay Area.

Costume Contest: Characters in the costume contest included Digi Charat, Naruto, MegaMan, Clamp, Card Captor Sakura, Yuyu Hakesho, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy X, FLCL, Kingdom Hearts, Battle Royale, and Evangelion.  3rd Place prize went to Digiko from Digi Charat.  2nd Place prize went to Haruka from FLCL.  And 1st Place prize went to Wakka from Final Fantasy X.  Congratulations to all the entries and winners in this year's Para-con costume contest!


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