Otakon panels and discussions always round up a load of guests and fans to participate in Q&As and learning seminars to talk about the hottest, the silliest, and the most artistic details inside the American otaku spirit today.  From voice-acting to fanfics, industry releases to fansubs, and translations to all that yaoi, there's always something for everyone.

Otakon 2005
Panels and Workshops

Cosplay Wig Design: Experienced wig enthusiast and entrepreneur Katie Bair led this tutorial on the design and care of wigs for cosplayers.  Topics included such essentials as wig caps, choices of colors, proper brushing techniques, conditioners, styling gels, detangling methods, and much more.

Fan Fiction: Ever wanted to write your own fan fiction but never had the right direction?  Veteran fanfic writers gathered together to talk about just that!  Topics included alternate universes, parodies, good use of clichés, character development, and appropriate use of the anime/manga characters involved.

Anime Music Video Creation: Always a big treat for the multimedia fans, the biggest AMV creators gathered to discuss the hot topics of modern AMVs.  Subjects included good use of footage, writing out a good plan, character development in the AMV, growth in communication in the AMV creators world, trying out in AMV contests, choices of titles and themes, and much more.

Fan Parodies: If drama isn't quite your thing, then comedy is your best bet towards fan-inspired success. Parody veterans gathered together to show off their latest efforts to get you laughing.  Topics included keeping to convention standards when using crude subject matter, good timing, dialogue and scripting, inspirations from Anime Music Videos, and much more.

Evangelion: The secret to Evangelion is... Shinji standing outside the train station for a whole 20 minutes while Misato looks on.  One will never know the full direction of how and why Evangelion has such a big fan following, but attending this panel surely twists and corrupts the mind so you too will wander down the the Dealers Hall and buy an Evangelion  boxset or two.

Cel-Painting Workshop: For the painterly or just the newbie, cel-painting is an artform that be be on its last waning days in the advent of computer-generated animation.  Steve Bennett was on hand to teach today's fans about this lost art  that is still the staple crop of anything to do with animation, basically the animation principles.  Fans got to learn use of acrylic cels, proper brush techniques, good mix of water and paint, and much more.

Cosplaying and Fiberglass: Fiberglass isn't as easy as you think it is, but when you do learn it, it's an open road to a higher plane of cosplaying.  From props to cosplay accessories, fans got to learn shaping, modling body parts, gluing pieces together, coating fiberlgass, using epoxy resin for sealing, along with examples of work from an award-winning Saint Seiya armor.
I Can't Believe...: It's another round of bad anime gone BAD!  This year's compilation of bad anime included the usual array of risque themes, bad kung fu fighting, anime parodies of big Hollywood movies, hentais and schoolgirls, and much more.
Additional panels and workshops throughout the busy weekend included: ADR Direction, Girl Gamers, Politics in Anime, Doujinshi, Online RPGs, Super Dollfies, Fans on Fans, Hentai Go-go, Anime Philosophy, Street Fashion, Gesture Drawing, Amateur Voice Acting, Anime News Network, Gaia Online, Anime Club Summit, Learning to Play Go, Japanese Writing, Desktop Arcade Games, Cel Collecting, Digital Fansubbing, Yaoi, Iron Editor Challenge, Anime Insider, Japanese Auto Styling, Great Teacher Largo, and much more.

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