Interactive workshops are always a pleasant feature for attendees who want to get in on the action whether it's cosplay, drawing, dancing, or just something to fill in the free time after a hard day in the dealers hall.  Numerous workshops held throughout the Otakon 2004 weekend included: Digital Animation Drawing, Cosplay: Hair Design, Drawing, Cel Painting, Parapara Dance, Advanced Cosplay, Learn to Play Go, and Video Game Design.

Otakon 2004

Intermediate / Advanced Go: Gaming workshops are on the rise, especially with the Go fans.  Go gamers set up boards and chips and spent the long blocks of time duking it out with fellow rivals.

Cosplay Hair Design: Katie Bair and her team of cosplay hair wizards led an informative seminar on proper care and fashioning of wigs for all kinds of costumes.  From natural colored wigs to graceful long sensual Chii locks to spiked Cloud dos, avid cosplayers and beginner cosplayers could learn and review the tips and tricks of braiding, combing, softening, accessorizing with bows, and making sure to provide the best boxes for transit to your next convention.

Mecha Model Assembling: No anime convention is complete without the mecha modeling fans.  Attendees could sign up for a space, pay dues for a neat mecha kit, and follow instructors on how to assemble, paint, and customize your favorite mechas.  From Gundam to Macross to everything else, pre-built displays were also available for show and tell.
Additional workshops held throughout the weekend included: AMV Creation, How to Draw Manga, Japanese Writing, Shiatsu Massage, Writing Fan Fiction, Contour Drawing, Gesture Drawing, and much more.


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