Otakon panels and discussions always round up a load of guests and fans to participate in Q&As and learning seminars to talk about the hottest, the silliest, and the most artistic details inside the American otaku spirit today.  From voice-acting to fanfics, industry releases to fansubs, and translations to all that yaoi, there's always something for everyone.

Otakon 2004
Panels and Discussions

Note: Unfortunately, panel notes were lost during transit, so some attended panels will be missing and for others, 
we'll just have to make due with content from memory or a short description.  Sorry about that.  ^_^
Webmanga and Webcomics: Either way you call it, the artist community is surging with free content with more and more artists everyday expressing their skills on the Internet.  Panelists came from near and far to talk about their favorite sites, artists, personal choices of drawing characters, story developments, and much more.

Fan Parodies: Writing scripts, video editing, voice acting, and minor special effects are all in a days work for experienced fan parody veterans who have changed the way we watch our anime on the small screen.  Panelists represented such hilarious works like "This is Otakudom", "Koko wa Otakuo", "Evangelion Redeath", "Nescaflowne", and much more.

Anime Fandom: Think you know everything about anime fans?  Experienced con-goers let loose about otaku fanatics, annoying signs, great cosplays, favorite collections of cels and manga, con stories from hell, and much more.

Starting and Running Anime Clubs: If you've got the urge to start your own anime club, now's the best time to join the community!  Topics included memberships, fundraising drives, maintaining DVD and tape collections, setting up screening rooms, and much more.

Yutaka Minowa: Character designer for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Mr. Minowa also provided character designs and sub-character designs for such popular hits as Ninja Scroll, Record of Lodoss Wars OVAs, Outlaw Star, Rune Jade, Animatrix, and continues to provide content for future projects for Madhouse Studios.
Cel Swap: CG may have taken over some animation operations, but animation cels are still the hot and popular items of choice for the avid anime collectors.  Fans got together to show off their latest collections from near and far and shared stories about favorite trophies, shopping trips, and favorite characters.
Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Dreamworks, El Hazard, Otaku Philosophy, Anime Academy, Anime 101, Anime News Network, Voice Actors, Gundam's 25th Anniversary: Mecha Experience, Otazine, Amateur Voice Acting, Do You Remember Macross?, The Classics, Bemani Games, Yaoi Western, All Your Toys, Anime Nation, Basics of Convention Video and Photo, How 2 Para, Japanese Attire, Anime Music Creation, Desktop Arcade, Geneon, ADV, Bandai, Production IG, Shoujo, TokyoPop, CPM, Anime Parliament, Anime Stereotypes, Anime Insider, Super Dollfie, Media Blasters, Doujinshi, 50 Years of Godzilla, and much more.

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