Otakon's large Guests of Honor round-up for this year included Yutaka Minowa (character designer for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust), Yuzo Sato (original artists for To-Y), Chuck Huber (voice actor in Dragonball Z), Ching Siu-Tung (fight choreographer and action director for Shaolin Soccer), Ichiro Okouchi (screenwriter for Angelic Layer), Tatsuo Sato (screenwriter for Di Gi Charat), Koge Donbo (artist and character designer for Digi Charat), Fred Perry (artist for Gold Digger), Lianne Sentar (adaptation writer for Tokyopop manga), Matt Thorn (translator for Animerica), Angela (J-pop music group), John Burgmeier (voice actor in Yu Yu Hakusho), Luci Christian (voice actress in Full Metal Panic), Richard Epcar (voice actor in Macross Plus), Chris Patton (voice actor in Rahxephon), Monia Rial (voice actress in Kiddy Grade), Chris Sabat (voice actor in Dragonball Z), Applegeeks (digital artists), Little Gamers (webcomics artists), and Mac Hall (gamers webcomics).

Oh did we forget one?  Maybe 4?  haha  Live in the United States, it was L'Arc~en~Ciel!  This 4-member band is one of the most famous in Japan's rock arena and they had their first-ever US performance at Otakon's concert building located 2 blocks away from the con center.  Thousands of fans showed up for what was the most awesome and entertaining highlight of the weekend.  And lest you forget that this band played just J-Rock, their songs are also attached to many popular anime such as GTO, Ruruoni Kenshin, DNA^2, and Full Metal Alchemist.

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