If all the fun aspects of Otakon 2004 could be summarized into a couple of words, then lovely LLNN secret agent Layla said it best, "Fangirls Screamed. People Cosplayed. L'arc~en~Ciel performed. Hug me signs were held, and then...... it ended."

Otakon's main events were jam-packed with otaku goodness this year with concerts, contests, game shows, and tons more than even we could report.  So we've done our best to summarize some of the highlights of the entire weekend.

Otakon 2004
Main Events

Main Events: Some of the biggest events of the big Otakon weekend included Ceremonies for all the Guests of Honor, Otaku Idol talent competition, Anime Music Video Contest, and the Cosplay Masquerade Contest.  Friday and Saturday concerts included Angela and L'Arc~en~Ciel.  Half-time show stage performances included Para Para Dance Troupe and Piano Squall.

Cosplay Masquerade Contest: Saturday night is once again the popular draw for many of the cosplay fans and over 4,500 fans showed up for cool skit performances, choreographed dance displays, and lots of craftsmanship walk-ons.  Inspired cosplay costumes came from: Angel Sanctuary, Pokemon, Final Fantasy X-2, Excel Saga, Ronin Warriors, Ultraman, YuGiOh, Inuyasha, Sorceress Hunters, Zelda, Space Channel 5, Dance Dance Revolution, Trigun, Devil May Cry, Hellsing, Fruits Basket, Zeta Gundam, Chobits, Witch Hunter Robin, Alien Syndrome, Cowboy Bebop, Saint Seiya, Angelic Layer, and more.

Following are some of the highlights of the big Otakon 2004 Masquerade Cosplay Contest night:

Angel Sanctuary opened the night with a classic story about humans and souls used as tools for angels and demons in a battle between Heaven and Hell. Rikdo Koshi hereby declares another hilarious episode of Excel Saga: the Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill mix!

Ultraman villian takes it to the stage with a little musical career in between building battles. YuGiOh rivals using anime characters as live "cards" in their never-ending duels.  These are not your standard issue cards! Fad diets, annoying fairies, self-help books, and saddening TV shows... Link and friends and a zombified fairy embark on yet another wacky Zelda quest!

An ethical dilemma about the value of human nature presented by characters from the X series.

It's a big stage dance-off as characters from Space Channel 5 and Dance Dance Revolution duel it out!
The Wolfwood Rabbi speaks the truth about love and peace!  Evangelion, Final Fantasy, and circumcising pocky sticks.  It's all 100% kosher! Beware ladies, the Red Coats ponder delicious plans for the future as characters from Trigun, Devil May Cry, and Hellsing will see you at the bar!

Characters from Fruits Basket recount their Otakon exploits at the yaoi panels, the karaoke, cosplay, and all the cool parties.
The 2004 Election is upon us!  But mix it up in the psychotic Gundam universe and see what happens... It's Final Fantasy vs. Kaiju big battle as Tidus uses his "sexy torso power" to defeat the evil chobits minions. Witch Hunter Robin faces charges of her faith from the wacky cardinal inquisition, but not without a little scandalous confessions of their own.

Alien Syndrome recalled characters from the classic old school video game. Has this ever happened to you?  Saint Seiya characters solve the embarrassment of hitting on a fine woman and then finding out she's a bishounen! Is it Final?  Or Fantasy?  Host Sephiroth welcomes you to the game show of the century as bachelorette contestants vie for Cloud's winning choice.

Angel Sanctuary For Dummies presented a comedic summary: sexy characters, lots of fighting, lots of dying, lots of unhappiness, and of course, lots of angst.

It's so easy!  Happy go lucky!  The yatta team are at it again, but this time, it's for real! Shadow strums out a cool version of the Final Fantasy prelude on his electric guitar to the cheer of all the FF fans.
Yes, your favorite crossplaying standup comedian is back!  It's Will. Card Captor Will. And he's definitely not gay. And he still likes puffy skirts.

Characters from Gundam Wing return from Otakon and Quatre's just a little bit confused about all the "all the crazy people" in this musical skit. It's time to chill out as The Real Link whips out his ocarina and performs some whistling music for the Zelda fans.
Characters from Ronin Warriors perform their Fashion Dynasty competition. What do you get when you combine all your favorite anime characters with the Muppet Show and Labyrinth?  One of the most funniest skits of the night!  Various anime references included Utena, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, and Totoro.

Otakon 2004 Masquerade Cosplay Contest Awards
Third Place Youth Award: Inuyasha character
Second Place Youth Award: FFX-2 Yuna
First Place Youth Award: Moogle
Novice Honorable Mention Award: The Cheat
Novice Second Place Award: Malice Mizer
Novice First Place Award: FFX-2 Animal Trainers
Journeyman Second Place Award: Dead or Alive
Journeyman Second Place Award: Mario group
Journeyman First Place Award: Ninja girl
Judge's Award: The Real Link
Judge's Award: Chris Screwball in SC5 vs. DDR skit
Judge's Award: Rabbi Wolfwood
Judge's Award: Final? or Fantasy? group
Judge's Award: Labyrinth character in Muppet Show does Anime skit
Judge's Award: Excel Saga skit
Judge's Award: Torso Tidus
Judge's Award: Shadow from Final Fantasy 4
Judge's Award: Final Fantasy duo
Judge's Award: Hand Maid May
Novice Honorable Mention Award: The Real Link
Novice Runner-up Award: Gundam Wing group
Novice First Place Award: Final? Or Fantasy? group
Journeyman Honorable Mention Award: Ronin Warriors Fashion Dynasty
Runner-up Journeyman Award: Alien Syndrome group
First Place Journeyman Award: Shadow from Final Fantasy 4
Craftsmanship Honorable Mention Award: Space Channel 5 vs. Dance Dance Revolution
Craftsmanship Runner-up Award: The Real Link
Craftsmanship Award: Excel Saga group
Best Craftsmanship Award: Muppet Show does Anime
Best in Show Award: Muppet Show does Anime

Whatta busy night!  But be sure to check out some of the cool cosplayers from the Masquerade night in our small Post-Masquerade galleries!

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