Otakon panels and discussions always round up a load of guests and fans to participate in Q&As and learning seminars to talk about the hottest, the silliest, and the most artistic details inside the American otaku spirit today.  From voice-acting to sword-fighting, industry releases to fansubs, and translations to all that yaoi, there's always something for everyone.

Otakon 2003
Panels and Discussions 1

WebManga vs. WebComics: Creators and artists alike spoke to the audience about their rise to fame in the field of online comics.  Discussion included thoughts about MegaTokyo and Penny Arcade, story and character development, panel layouts, turning a simple beginning into a serious comic story, and much more.

Budo Demonstration: Masters of the martial arts are always students from beginning to the end as instructors who've been practicing Budo for over 10-15 years demonstrated highlights of Budo sword skills for the audience.  Things to learn from this session were posture, sword techniques, meditation, and attention to details.

Your Wings Are Mine: Shonen-ai fans rejoice!  This unique yaoi manga on the web had a place for fans to discuss news and updates about the shoujo manga world, side stories, all the lovely details about communicating with pictures only found in shonen-ai manga, and much more.

Japanese Attire: Panelists led this detailed session on the components of the kimono and the proper undergarments.  Audience had a rare opportunity to see all the Japanese tradition and meaning behind the samurai crests, hakama pants, and numerous styles that decorate the outer layers of the kimino.

Game Show: Anime Name That Tune: Are you game enough?  Contestants vied for anime top of the class as they were quizzed on numerous popular and not-so-popular anime titles.

Advanced Cosplay: It's a another great adventure into advanced cosplay as topics featured use of special glues, vinyl fabrics, shades and gradients on fabrics, making foam inserts, mask construction, joints, and use of air holes for those really big pieces.

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