From artists to voice actors, authors to musicians, Otakon 2003 enjoyed a huge legion of guests this year to keep the fans excited and the autograph session definitely showed the fandom response.

Otakon 2003
Guests of Honor

Yoshiaki Iwasaki (left), director of Love Hina, speaks to his fans at his guest panel as well as many other guests who were scheduled throughout the packed weekend.

Autograph Sessions threaded about the halls for all the American and Japanese guests including many of those detailed below.
From the east coat to the Far East, Guests of Honor for this year's Otakon included: Pontus Madsen (writer), Fredirik Schodt (author), Julie Davis (Animerica), Steve Bennett (IC Entertainment), Dr. Susan Napier (author), Jan-Scott Frazier (animation director), Robert DeJesus (artist), Fred Gallagher (artist), Scott Houle (ADR Director), Pamela Weidner (voice actress), Justin Cook (ADR director), Johnny Yong Bosch (voice actor), Gabe and Tycho (artists), Mandy Bonhomme (voice actress), Brian Drummond (voice actor), Kristine Sa (musician), TM Revolution (musician), Itsuro Kawasaki (director), Tsukasa Kotobuki (artist), Yoshiaki Iwasaki (director), Masao Maruyama (director), Rica Matsumoto (voice actress), Toshihiro Kawamoto (director), and Satoshi Nishimura (director).

Autograph sessions were scheduled for the popular guests throughout the weekend and a huge concert enjoyed a packed house for Kristine Sa and TM Revolution in the main ballroom of the convention center.  Guests also held their own guest focus panels as well as collective voice acting panels, leading interactive workshops, and Japanese guests panels.

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