Otakon 2003 celebrated it's tenth year anniversary with an even bigger listing of major events and one of the best cosplay Masquerades ever.  Main Events included such features like the glorious Anime Music Videos, an exquisite Cosplay Fashion Show, the classic Masquerade Night, crowd-rousing house-packed concerts with Kristina Sa and TM Revolution, and Game Shows: Anime Name That Tune and Anime Taboo.

Otakon 2003
Main Events 1

Otaku Idol Competition:  Veteran karaoke organizers and musical guest Kristine Sa held round after round of singing from an international group of contestants competing for the title of Otaku Idol.  Talents ranged from singing to acting and each individual received judges' response for improvements or a shot to the top of the class.  With the best of shows ever seen, this was one contest you didn't want to miss.

Otakon 2003 Masquerade and Cosplay Fashion Show: Are you readyyyy???  Judges Lindze, Jezeroth, Melanie, and Ollie put on their game faces as they tallied up the points for best of the best contestents for this year's Masquerade and awarded prizes to the hard-working individuals and group skits.  Performances ranged from comedy to action and workmanship ranged from novice to craftmanship divisions.  Congratulations to all the winners and competing entries who came up on stage and put on an awesome show!

Otakon 2003 Masquerade show presented skits and craftsmanship displays with characters from .hack, Megaman, Magic Knights Rayearth, Hamtaro, Super Smash Brothers, Witch Hunter Robin, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy 8, Excel Saga, Pac-man, Escaflowne, Bubblegum Crisis, Final Fantasy X, Dance Dance Revolution, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, Card Captor Sakura, Hellsing, Final Fantasy 7, Fushigi Yugi, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Clover, Handmaid May, Wolf's Rain, Digimon, Final Fantasy 7, and Battle Royale.

But enough with the audience shots, let's see those awesome skits!

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