Otakon always has a huge Dealers Hall for the spendthrifty otakus and this year brought out even more dealers with products and exhibits piled up high and outward.  Dealers showed off the latest manga, plushies, games, artbooks, CDs, DVDs, clothing, accessories, and numerous objects of fashionable desires.

Otakon 2003
Dealers Hall 1

Dealers included: ADV Films, AnimEigo, Anime Castle, Animegamers, Anime Hunter, Anime Musketeer, Anime Nation, Anime Next, Anime Palace, Anime Pavilion, Anime USA, Art-Toons, Asylum Anime, Atomic Eye, Bandai Entertainment, Cartoon Passion, Central Park Media, Comics and Things, Cutting Edge Technologies, DC Independent Film Festival, Diamond Comic Distributors, Digital Discs, Explosion Toys!, Eye Candy Goods, Faulconer Productions Music, FUNimation, G Sentry, Hirameki International Group, HKT, House of Anime, Hoteiya Las Vega, IC Entertainment, Image Anime, J&J Enterprises, Japan Travel Bureau, Joy's Japanimation, Katsucon, King Roach Enterprises, Kinokuniya Bookstores, Light It Up, Linden Labs, Media Blasters, Mr. Weekend Productions, Nekocon, Nekobox, Nemesis Records, New England Anime Society, Odin's Monsters, Otakon Marketing, Painted Visions, Pandora's Cube, Paradigm Enterprise, Pegasus Publishing, Pioneer USA, Planet Anime, Poker Industries, Power Gamer II nc., Red Octane, Rising Sun Imports, Robert DeJesus, Sasuga Japanese Bookstore, Science Fiction Continuum, Sont Entertainment / Tofu Records, Splash Page Comics and Toys, Starland Inc., Super Techno Arts, TEC Sale, The Comic Cellar, Trilogy Shop Inc., Undiscovered Treasures, Viz Communications, Vega Electronics, and Wizzywig Collectibles.

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