Anime conventions always pack in lots more than your typical events and guests.  Beyond the lines for autographs and dealers hall, there's an untapped world of Karaoke, Art Show, Art Auction, Modeling Contest, ParaPara, Ota-chan, and much more.

Otakon 2003
Convention Extras

Karaoke: All day and most of the night, from competitions to open-mic, karaoke was always packed with the caterwaulers 
and crooners as well as sweet serenades and crowd-pleasing vocal ah-teests.  Whether to sing your favorite anime tune or 
rock on to your awesome J-Rock, karaoke room was open to all ears as long as your brought your extra packs of Otakon 
spirit and water to quench a dry throat.

ParaPara Dance: Obviously you can't just go around flinging your arms and legs and pretend to dance like you've done it 
for years.  But with ParaPara, you can learn a few steps and get some of the basics and have fun while you're at it!  Oh, but 
you gotta learn a few things first, like rythym and beat.  No problem!  This year's ParaPara was held in the main hall dance 
area and demonstrators were happy to have fans fill up the space and dance to ParaPara tunes well into the night.  
Performances by EuroSummit '03 included Super Eurobeat, EuroPanic, Parapara Max.

Ota-chan Events offered mom-approved interactive workshops for the bright and curious youths.  Numerous workshops 
tuned for the inquistive young otakus included Japanese traditional activities including: Face Painting, Fukiwari, Hang Koi, 
Headbands, Karuta, Paper Lanterns, Paper Making, Origami, and Washi Eggs.

Video and Film Rooms: 35mm Film lovers rejoice!  The film schedule was packed with a mix of live-action and anime favorites such as Animatrix, Catnapped, Enter the Fat Dragon, Escaflowne: Girl in Gaia, Gundam Char's Counterattack, Jin-Roh, Junkers Come Here, Onmyoji, Patlabor WXIII, Sakura Wars, Shall We Dance, and Spirited Away.  Of course, let's not forget all the video rooms playing a huge load of subbed/dubbed live-action and anime videos from the wee early hours of the morning until really late at night.  Can you say, otaku video marathon?
Fan Parodies appeased the otaku lovers with videos featuring: $60,000,000 Funky Chicken, Dance Dance Revolution Projects 1 and 2, Dirty Pair Does Dishes and The Revenge of B.D., Evangelion: ReDeath, Fanboy BeBop, Japanese Music Videos, Kentucky Fried Anime, Koko Wa Otaku II, Nescaflowne, Play Your Role, Roadbusted, This is Otakudom, and Voltron: Hell Bent for Leather.  All works were produced by your favorite fellow otaku productions: Otaku's Revenge, Brad DeMoss, PineSalad Productions, Studio Sokodei, Red Apple Productions, CDS, NoN.D.E., and Seishun Shitemasu.

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