Steve Bennett presented a cel painting workshop for the enthusiastic cel collecting masses while Monica Rial and Emily DeJesus presented their hairstyling workshop for the cosplayers.  As always, workshops are a special treat when panels, dealers room, or anything else just won't do to work off some of that weekend energy!

OhayoCon 2004

Weekend Workshops: Steve Bennett's Cel-Painting workshop showed plenty of cel-painting spirit as fans learned or reviewed the basics of brush techniques and paint applications.  Emily DeJesus and Monica Rial taught hair styling to the cosplayers with topics including hair care products, styling techniques, how to transport wigs, and focusing on basic hair improvement for future cosplay.  Additional workshops held throughout the weekend included: Tips and Tricks in Photoshop with Imbrium Studios, Cutting Corners with Lightwave with Imbrium Studios, How to Draw Anime with Robert DeJesus, Anthropomorphics with Imbrium Studios, Voice Acting, Dub Your Own Anime, Roleplaying for Otaku, Way of the Pen and Anatomy for Artists with Imbrium Studios, and Psychology in Anime.


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