Packing in the attendees, every OhayoCon 2004 panel offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of fan fiction, cosplay, collectors gatherings, as well as new and exciting anime shows, video games, and manga to focus on for another amazing year.

OhayoCon 2004
Panels and Discussions

Web Comics: Experienced online artists gathered together for a big discussion on character design and development, tips on improving stories, critiquing various styles, enjoyment of the free flow of ideas and stories within the online community, and searching for inspiration throughout numerous resources.

Voice Actor Roundtable: Jason and Amanda Winn Lee of Gaijin Productions and Keith Burgess of Manga Entertainment talked about their voice roles, life in the voice acting studio, non-union vs. union fees, wacky memories of working in the studio with other voice actors, and practical jokes on the job.

FanFiction: Privilege or Right?: How far can you go in fan fiction before it's considered slander?  Experienced fanfic writers discussed the moral implications for young writers with topics featuring story improvements, making subjective judgment calls, blacklisting slash stories, and avoiding the incest implications better left in other alternative fanfic realms.

Blood Q&A: Congratulations, America!  There are more Blood fans here than in Japan, and Blood (Kiwamu, Taichi, Kaede, and Takeshi) thanked the US fans with a cool panel of topics featuring the band's musical inspiration, concert schedule challenges, backgrounds on each of the band members, and details about the numerous elegant gothic costumes they employ for their shows.

InuYasha Fans and Voice Actors: Excited Inuyasha fans got a rare chance to see Inuyasha cosplayer 
fans on stage with the American Inuyasha voice actors themselves.  Guests included voice actors Scott McNeil, 
Richard Cox, Jillian Michaels, and producer Toshifumi Yoshida.  Topics featured character voices, episode release 
status with 1-96 already finished and 97 up to 104 still in progress, contracts with Cartoon Network, difficulties in 
delivering 52-episode chunks, outtakes reels, casting personalities for future voices, giving more freedom to voice 
actors throughout the series, and backgrounds on each of the voice actors.

Additional panels and discussions held throughout the busy OhayoCon 2004 weekend included: OhayoCon Roast, Who's Line is it Anime?, Neophyte Tokusatsu, J-Rock-Not Everyone, Costuming, FanFiction 101, Costuming Construction: Godzilla and other Kaiju, Evening Wasted with Jan Scott Frazier, State of the Industry, Gaijin Entertainment, J-Rock Visual Kei, Viz Entertainment, Next-Gen Console Wars, I.C. Entertainment, Anime Production with Jan Scott Frazier, Giant Robot Anime, Art of Satire, Self-Defense Against Trolls and Fanboys, ADV Films, and the OhayoCon Art Auction.

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