OhayoCon 2004 enjoyed a wealth of both Japanese and American celebrity guests who included: J-Rock band Blood (Kiwamu, Taichi, and Kaede, Takeshi), voice actors and actresses Scott McNeil (Gundam Wing, InuYasha), Monica Rial (Excel Saga, Gasaraki), Greg Ayres (Saiyuki, Aura Battler Dunbine), Tiffany Grant (Deus EX 2, Neo Ranga), Amanda Winn-Lee (.hack//SIGN, Read or Die), Jason Lee (Blue Seed, Burn Up eXcess), Richard Cox (Inuyasha, Mobile Suit Gundam), Keith Burgess (Street Figher Alpha, Virus Buster Serge), Kirby Morrow (Escaflowne, Gundam Wing), Jillian Michaels (Inuyasha, Silent Mobius), American anime industry executives David Williams (ADV Films director/producer), Jeff Thompson (production coordinator, director), Toshifumi Yoshida (Viz Video production coordinator, producer), and American professional artists Steve Bennett (I.C. Entertainment), Robert DeJesus (Studio Capsule), Jan Scott-Frazier (Production I.G. USA), Brad Demoss (anime music videos and vocal talent), Austell Callwood (Sanknights Productions & Entertainment), Imbrium Studios (Aric Whelan, Yad M. Mui, Laschita Williams, Tracy Hatchett, John-Paul Adams).

OhayoCon 2004
Guests of Honor

J-Rock band Blood at their Q&A Guest session: From left to right: Kiwamu (guitar), Takeshi (vocals), Taichi (guitar, drums), and Kaede (bass).

InuYasha voice actors at the InuYasha fan panel: From left to right: Richard Cox (Inuyasha), Jillian Michaels (Shippo), and Scott McNeil (Koga).

Jason and Amanda Winn Lee of Gaijin Productions and Keith Burgess of Manga Entertainment at the Voice Actors Roundtable.
Steve Bennett hard at work commissioning art for his dedicated IronCat fans at the I.C. Entertainment booth in the Dealers Room.

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