Packing in the attendees, every OhayoCon 2003 panel offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of fan fiction, cosplay, collectors gatherings, as well as new and exciting anime shows, video games, and manga to focus on for another amazing year.

OhayoCon 2003
Panels and Discussions

Voice Acting: Popular voice actors Angora Deb, Vic Mignonga, Monica Rial, and Chris Patton gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to another grand year of voice acting business as more as more anime titles come out.  Highlights included studio direction, taking care of one's voice, having formal acting training, theatrical backgrounds, character improvisations, and the difficulties of working with introverts and extroverts in the voice studios.

Costuming Workshop: Folks from Big Fire cosplay group gave a detailed discussion and direction on how to make cool props, large sculptured heads, dealing with complicated fabrics, buying the right kinds of wigs, tips on sewing, choosing the right collars for kitty-cosplay, selecting nice patterns, and of course, designing and building the right costume for anime convention cosplay!

Fan Fiction: Writers are extremely picky about their own works and are sometimes more so about others to make sure standards are met along with wide creativity.  Topics featured character development, building scenes, reader perspectives, camera ideas, choosing the right storyline, plot scenarios, possible use of storyboards, and keeping a fresh and open mind for criticism online and through friends.

I.C. Entertainment: Studio IronCat's new company name isn't the only cool thing out this year as members announced new and very secret titles in the works!  Let's just say everyone was very excited.  Topics also featured a little bit of IronCat history, meeting all their fans, partying through 2002, cosplay interests, and a lot more.

MegaTokyo: One of the biggest fan favorites was, of course, Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo whose online comic has skyrocketed to insane heights of fandom and everyone loves it!  Topics featured character development, character creations, personas throughout the series, inspirations for characters and new comics, timeline worksheets, and staying true to his fans to keep the comic insanity going as long as he can!

Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Kaveman's "Old", Anime Music Videos, Anthropomorphics, AmeriManga, Destroy All Mecha!, Behind the Anime Curtain, Import Gaming, Dark Side of Hentai, Anime Psychology, Best Anime Ever Seen, J-Rock, Voice Direction, State of the Industry, DragonBall, Fundamental of Design for Animation, Anime Production, ADV Films, AnimEigo, Manga Entertainment, Fan Parodies, and much more.

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