OhayoCon 2003's Guests of Honor: actors Vic Mignogna, Tiffany Grant, Monica Rial, Angora Deb, Christopher Patton, Jon Osborne, Amy Howard-Wilson, Stephanie Nadolny; artists Fred Gallagher, Robert DeJesus, Shimpei Itoh, Mio Odagi, Steve Bennett, Doug Smith, Dominic Nguyen, Imbrium Studios; animator Scott Frazier; producers Toshifumi Yoshida, Jeff Thompson, Keith Burgess, and Kei Blue

OhayoCon 2003
Guests of Honor

Angora Deb, Vic Mignonga, Monica Rial, and Christopher Patton at the helm for one of the many popular Voice Acting panels.

Folks from Imbrium Studios are all smiles in the Artists Alley area where they start off the new year with more new comics releases.  Interested folks can check out their works on the web at: http://www.imbriumstudios.com

Dave and Amy-Howard Wilson join up with old buddy Kevin Lillard of Fansview in the lobby just before starting off on another day full of anime convention activities.

Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo online comic madness was hard at work dishing out autographs to all his excited fans standing in a long line just outside the Dealer's Room.

Robert DeJesus, always hard at work (when isn't he?!) having a great time meeting all his fans and whipping out cool special convention badges for those who want the special touch!
Shimpei Itoh and Mio Odagi enjoyed taking lots of pictures of all the cosplayers as well as attending to their own panels for IC Entertainment on exciting new works for this year.

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