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Ohayo-con 2011!

Welcome to another edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2011!  This news report covers our trip to Ohayo-con 2011 for a huge weekend of anime and manga enjoyment and a whole lot more!  Held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend of January 28-30, Ohayo-con 2011 saw lots of attendees ready to party on with a bunch of dedicated artists, live performances, gaming events, cosplay fun, and plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow anime and manga fans. Our exciting trip to Ohayo-con 2011 starts here!  Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!

Highlights: Various live programming events kept the attendees well-covered throughout the weekend. Guests of Honor included Christopher Ayres, Greg Ayres, Christopher Bevins, Kevin Bolk, Robert DeJesus, Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio, Bruce Lewis, Mike McFarland, Jamie McGonnigal, Carli Mosier, Brina Palencia, Rawly Pickens, Monica Rial, Christopher Sabat, Patrick Seitz, Rikki Simmons, Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simmons, and Doug Smith.  Main Events included Anime Music Video Contest, Anime University, Cosplay Masquerade, Karaoke Contest, Lolita Crush 2011, Nurse Lindsay Mascot Contest, Pajama Jam, Ballroom Dance, Scavenger Hunt, Friday and Saturday Night Dances, and more.  Panels and Workshops included Masquerade Performance 101, Religion in Anime, Musical Skits 101, How to Spot Bootleg Merchandise, Voice Acting vs. Stage Acting, Girl Genius Radio, How to Draw Manga, Japanese Crafts for Kids, Gaia Variety Hour, Wide World of Vocaloids, Gundam Wing After Dark, History of Sailor Moon Hentai, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy After Dark, Anime and Games to the Big Screen, Pokemon in Real Life, Zombie Survival 101, Makeup for Cosplay and The Camera, Digital Art for Fun and Profit, Comic and Manga Creation, Anime Abridging, Character Sempia, Hello Kitty, Crossplay for Girls, Cosplay 101, Dub Workshop, Dysfunctional Aspects of Otaku Culture, Beginning and Found Object Costuming, Ten Things I Hate About Webcomics, Japanese Writing, How to Make a Plushie, Sewing 101, Wig Styling for Cosplay, Regression of Gaming, Valve Addicts Anonymous, Gundam Wing for Everyone, Being Female in Geekdom, Artist Roundtable, Yaoi for Beginners, Transform and Roll Out, Writing for Manga, Mecha Fans, Anime Sports Fans, Science of Gaming, Living in Japan, and much more.
Cosplay: This year's trip to Ohayo-con saw lots of inspired costumes from numerous anime and manga characters and more! Chart-topping displays for this year included characters from Vocaloid, Hetalia, Panty and Stocking, Black Butler, Gurran Lagaan, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Eater, High School of the Dead, and much more! 
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Miscellaneous: From Artists Alleys to Art Shows, Interactive Gaming events to Video Screening rooms, Anime Music Videos to casual conversations with esteemed Guests of Honor, shopping inside the Dealers Hall to Charity events, you can always find something to do at Ohayo-con.  

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