Ohayo-con's dealers room was packed all weekend with a ton of collectibles to get for the 2006 new year.  Attending dealers this year were: Anime Pavilion, Animarket, Aardvark, Asylum Anime, Anime Punch, Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters, Wizzywig, King Roach Enterprises, Kyoto Anime, J-Pop House (+ Freewill America), Distorted Visions Studios, Eagle Anime, The Grand Illumination, Pegasus Publishing, Alik's Cosplay, Cartoon Passion, Troll and Toad, DramaQueen, Best Anime Shop, Sasuga Japanese Bookstore, JPNToys, Greentea Designs, Digital Disks, Eroth Productions, Magic of Collecting, Lee's Gaming Emporium, Signature Imports, Ravenwing Wearabale Art, Youmacon, Animazed, The Laughing Ogre, Anime Sekai, Anime Palace, Swords and More, MTAC, Holy Cow Anime, Chicken Salad Land, Bruce Lewis/Doug Smith, Jan Frazier, Studio Capsule, J & J Enterprises, Fast Food Anime, ACEN, Nero International Holding Company, Manga, Media Blasters, and Funimation.

Ohayo-con 2006
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