From a full-size quilt displaying the Ohayo-con title to dedicated gamers showing off their excellent musical skills in the halls, Ohayo-con remains to be one of the most popular anime conventions to start off the big year.  This year just had to be one of the best, with plenty of room for cosplay gatherings, good weather conditions, tons of excellent showings in the video screening rooms, and plenty more to see in the Art Show, concerts, and much more.  Main Events included Anime Music Videos, Cosplay Contest night, Midnight Madness, Otaku Idols, Karaoke, and a Roast Special for longtime guest Scott McNeil.  Panels and Discussions included a whole slew of interesting topics such as voice acting, anime collectibles, J-rock, fanfiction, gaming, fan art, and much more.  Guests of Honor included: Robert and Emily Dejesus, Greg Ayres, Jan Scott Frazier, Jeff Thompson, Johnny Yong Bosch, Laura Bailey, Mike McFarland, Monica Rial, Scott McNeil, Tiffany Grant, Toshifumi Yoshida, Shaindle Minuk, and David Merrill.  Guest bands are always a welcome entertainment portion of any con and they were Peelander-Z and The Spoony Bards.  Peelander-Z, known for it's wild and crazy J-rockin' performances, gave these Ohio fans another outstanding night to remember.  The Spoony Bards definitely caught on with the masses of crowds with plenty of anime and video game-inspired tunes.  Be sure to check out more of the The Spoony Bards live at Anime Central!

Ohayo-con 2006

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