Neko Con 2003 held a wide array of fan-focused panels and discussions delving into all sorts of interesting debates about the ongoing life and times in the Japanese animation industry, cultural awarenes, and much more.  Captured here are just a few select panels LLNN was able to report for the weekend.

NekoCon 2003
Panels and Discussions

I.C. Entertainment: Steve Bennett issued out the latest news and releases in the exciting world of IronCat.  With tons of new and well-rooted loyal fan support, IronCat is coming back into the party with Dig Charat, Hanaukyo Maid Team, more Vampire Princess Miyu, and possibly another version of an IronCat calendar.  Of course, you all gotta stay tuned to the IronCat man himself!

How to Draw Bishounen: An exprienced artist was on hand to discuss and demonstrate to attendees the beauty and essence of drawing bishounen works.  It's not enough to simply draw, you have to do it with style and grace.  Topics also featured basics of anatomy, manga techniques, details in hair, clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Everything that you need to make a pretty bishounen come to life.

PlushieCon: It's the invasion of the plushies!  Characters from all walks of plushie life descended upon the unsuspecting Neko attendee and created their own panel.  Such fuzzles included incorrugibly cute characters from Digi Charat, Hamtaro, Rayearth, Chobits, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and much more.  Discussion also featured fullsize plushie cosplay, nametags, and how to take care of your plushie before it takes care of you.

Cosplay: Experienced cosplayers gave insight and detailed discussion into the why, how, and who should we cosplay when the itch turns into a sewing machine purchase and a trip to the fabric store.  It comes down to a lot of work, but the focus is to keep it fun and exciting like an adventure, learn new tools, and realize that you can build things!  Discussion also featured popular characters such as Harry Potter, Disney Kingdom Hearts, gaming characters that are becoming more accepted.

Additional panels and discussion held throughout the crazy neko weekend included: Make Your Own Panel!, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Starved Art Studios, Faans/Conscrew, Friday Night Hentai Hot Tub!, Gothic Lolita, Artists Alley 101, Decipher: .hack Card Game, How to Make a Fan Parody, Studio Capsule, How to make an Anime Video Game, Fans on Fans, Basic Translation, History of Video Games, Sentai and Tokusatsu, Uncensored Guests, Beyblade, Art Supplies and Techniques, Cel Collecting, Steve Bennett's Cel Painting Class, Manga Erotica: How to Draw Hentai, Working the Camera: How to Pose for the Big Picture, Mailing List Photo Shoot, Animating in Flash the White Radish Way, J-Rock, How Not to Run an Anime Convention, How to Make a WebComic, Living in Japan, and much more.

Fan Fiction Summit: New and exprienced fan fiction authors gathered together to talk about their latest works.  Topics covered use of original characters within well-known anime or manga side-stories, the all-important rules of proper grammar, keeping the plot flowing smoothly, crossover possibilities, how to give more depth and personality to your characters, reviews of good and bad fictions, and hooking up with others in the online fanfiction community.

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