With Neko Con T-shirt and Program Book with big schedule in hand, you were well-prepared to enjoy a wide assortment of events to choose from in true neko spirit: Karaoke, Music Video Contests, Neko Con's Cosplay Contest Night, Art Shows, Game Shows, and a whole lot of Guest Focus panels and interactive workshops.

NekoCon 2003
Main Events

Main Events: Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of your Neko mix, Neko-con came out with even more stuff to see and do for the weekend.  Main Events featured This is Otakudom screening, NTV! Music Video Contest, Koko Wa Otaku, Hyper Karaoke Battle Royale, Cosplay Contest, DDR Project, and the big Saturday Night Cat Scratch Fever!.

More Neko Craziness!: The weekend Neko blitz continued with Anime-themed game shows like Anime Price is Right, Say Nani? Karaoke, and Name That Anime Tune.  Late night fan screenings for the midnight masses included Fanboy Bebop, $60,000,000,000 Funky, Nescaflowne, Dirty Pair Does Dishes, and much more.

Name That Anime Tune: Think you got what it takes to be the Anime Overlord?  Contestants vied for anime supremacy (not to mention a chance to spar with the only and only Captain Jack Sparrow!) as they dealt with music trivia from numerous anime shows including: One Piece, Future Boy Conan, .hack//sign, Urusei Yatsura, Wolf's Rain, Hellsing, Gunbuster, Haunted Junction, Maze, Nurse Angel Ririka, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Witch Hunter Robin, Ranma 1/2 and many more!

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