From Illuminati to Digerati, martial arts demos to art seminars, and collectibles to voice acting, panels and discussions always bring out the best of anime and manga education.  Here at Nan Desu Kan 8, LLNN managed to scope what excellent panels were being held and provide a short description of what was covered.

Nan Desu Kan 8
Panels and Discussions 1

Karate Demonstration: Audience members got a great lesson in martial arts as highly trained veterans of the local Karate club exhibited basic defense techniques, offensive strikes, proper posture stances, full contact sparring sessions, breaking blocks of wood, and more.

Airbrush and Model Make n' Take: Got the will but not sure about the way?  Teachers were always available to help students of the plastic model world step up to the airbrush gun and see their works come to life.  Attendees learned how to paint, assemble and finish their own Gundam model kits in a jiffy!

Voice Actor's Inner Voice: Veteran voice actors answered numerous questions about the wide world of anime voice acting.  Topics featured differences between Japanese and American voice acting, theatrical backgrounds, studio experiences, favorite anime characters, keeping in touch through the VA community, and prospects of producing and directing voice acting works.

Animated Story and Design Intensive: Creating an anime takes clear vision and absolute commitment, only if you don't get bogged down by the details.  Only the strong shall survive, but dedicated survivalists must always focus on establishing an environment, making the audience care about the characters, establishing a protagonist / antagonist conflict, and gaining value through actions and words, with examples given by Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke.

Ghosts, Gods, and Demons: Anime and manga are always filled with stories of the supernatural, as life takes on new meaning when dealing with the unknown.  Topics in this session included philosophy of spiritual awareness, mythology, different religions, and understanding the good and evil aspects of people around the world.
Brief History of Anime: Longtime veterans of the anime culture gave a brief introspective into how anime started.  Topics included Japan's post-isolation movement, making a fresh start with Disney influences, going with a caucasian look of big expressive eyes, and using stylish perspectives to make up for the limited animation.  Examples included Tetsujin 28, Mazinger Z, Astroboy, Lupin III, Gundam, and more.

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