Guests of Honor for this year's big NDK8 included: Susumu Sakurai (video game designer), Kumiko Kato (singer), Michael Coleman (voice actor), Brian Dobson (voice actor), Michael Dobson (voice actor), Paul Dobson (voice actor), Alexandra Carter (voice actress), Robert and Emily DeJesus (Studio Capsule), Jason and Heather Martin ( illustrators), Panther Comics (doujinshi artists), and Jan Scott-Frazier (director, producer, series manager, studio owner).

Nan Desu Kan 8
Guests of Honor

Voice actors Michael Dobson, Paul Dobson, Alexandra Carter, Brian Dobson, and Michael Coleman giving their side of the voice actors studio at their panel.
Kumiko Kato presented a big concert special for the NDK audience with hit singles from her latest pop album.

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