From concerts to contests, lots of major events carried on well through the weekend for Nan Desu Kan, and before you even had a chance to think about what Nan Desu Kan really means, another cool event was taking place and you had to be there!  LLNN managed to cover some of those really cool events in the following pages.

Nan Desu Kan 8
Main Events 1

Ceremonies, Game Shows, and Contests, oh my!: Mirai Daiko taiko drum group and all the excellent Guests of Honor opened up the 8th annual Nan Desu Kan with lots of excitement and applause.  Big concerts were given by Guest pop singers AKINA and Kumiko Kato.  Game Shows ruled the roost of the audience interactivities that included the Anime Dating Game, Anime Club Feud, and Whose Line is it Anime.  Contests included the very popular Anime Music Videos on Friday and Cosplay Contest on Saturday.

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