Cosplay Night has taken over Saturday night in Colorado and the show has never looked better as numerous entries graced the stage with colorful fabrics and equally colorful skit performances.  Celebrity judges and big prizes were abundant as the show topped off the weekend excitement for anyone interested in the cosplay phenomena.

Nan Desu Kan 7
Masquerade Cosplay Contest 2

 Great Overlords of Anime Fandom presented an Anime Dating Game inluding Relena Peacecraft, Vincent, Zell, Link, and lots of fun stage craziness.

 Dead Moon's Back Dream presented a musical performance reenactment of Sailor Moon characters searching for Pegasus given by cosplay troupe Yume no Densetsu.

 Nobody Sees the Genius: Characters from Hoshin Engi perform various comedic antics true to the anime.

 Pirate Light Warriors tell their tall tales about a Mage's hard knock life around magic, beads, and budgets.

Nan Desu Kan 7 Cosplay Awards:
Kawamoto's Judges Award: #22 Inuyasha skit for their teamwork and the cool banner
Minami's Judges Award: #76 Kirara from Inuyasha
Sakurai's Judges Award: #20 Fox McCloud from Starfox
Sinterniklaas' Judges Award: #77 Shippo from Inuyasha
Video Gaming Room's Special Award: #57 Final Fantasy Group
George Robert's Special Award: #17 Two girls from Rurouni Kenshin for their attention to traditional Japanese costume
Best Pre-Teen: #39 Pepper 'n Salt Snow Fairies
Third Place: #20 Fox McCloud from Starfox
Second Place: #39 Pepper 'n Salt Snow Fairies
First Place: #76 Kirara from Inuyasha
Audience Favorite: #57 Final Fantasy Group
Best Skit: #1 Ryu Dies Another Day
Click here to check out some of the Post-Masquerade entries that 
walked the stage to give the audience a second look after the show!

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